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Synopsis for "Getting Even"

Sunspot returns to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and thus the New Mutants after a sojourn to his native Brazil. After pleasant greetings and friendly ribbing, the kids learn from dance instructor Stevie Hunter the state of despair Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander are in; despair caused by the Hellion Empath when he twisted their emotions to deadly extremes. The New Mutants hold a clandestine meeting in the boathouse and decide to teach Empath a lesson he won’t soon forget. When the Hellions find out the New Mutants abducted Empath (bed and all) they give chase. The New Mutants rough Empath up a little but mostly use scare tactics illustrating, they hope, the harm that comes from abusing your power. Ultimately the New Mutants show mercy - something Empath would never have done - and they part from the Hellions without incident.


  • Empath did not force Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander into depression, quite the contrary. He inflamed their passions to the highest possible degree. While under his influence they lived in ecstasy over every sensation. Their resulting depression is a combination of shame for their behavior and withdrawal pains.
  • The machine used by Emma Frost to find mutants is called the Cyberiad System and is a low-end analogue of Professor Xavier's Cerebro (and later Cerebra) mutant location computer. It apparently does not require telepathy to operate like Cerebro as the Hellions - none of whom are telepathic - can clearly access it to track Empath.
  • Catseye mentions Illyana's scent is a "nasty stink". It isn't a far cry to assume what she smells is the Limbo atmosphere and that it has a stench akin to Nightcrawler's teleportation dimension.
  • "The Lord of Demons" is most likely some conjuring of Illyana's rather than Dani's as it resembles not only Illyana's Darkchylde incarnation but also the former ruler of Limbo, Belasco.


  • The kids at play assume the roles of X-Factor members and "hunt down" mutant quarry. This story takes place at a time when X-Factor were posing as mutant eliminators in an effort to protect them subversively.

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