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Synopsis for "Runaway!"

Rahne Sinclair, Wolfsbane, runs in on a machine about to fall on Dr. Moira MacTaggert. David Haller, Legion, stands by frozen in fear. Wolfsbane transforms into her lupine form and gets to Moira as the large machine suddenly hovers over them both suspended. Wolfsbane realizes that this was done by David Haller. He announces that to save them with his telekinetic powers he had to let go of one of his personalities and it seems that Jack Wayne has been released. Legion runs for the exit as there is a huge explosion.

Danielle Moonstar, Mirage, awakens screaming in bed. Her mind-link to Wolfsbane is what awoke her. She knows Wolfsbane is in trouble and fears that she may be hurt or dead since the link was broken. She runs to the phone to contact her and no one answers at Muir Island. She goes to try to get help from Magik and walks in on her. Suddenly Magik reacts by using her spells and conjures up her demon protectors from Limbo and is about to put a spell on Dani when she realizes it was her. The rest of the team runs in and find out what Dani knows of Wolfsbane and they decide to go to Muir Island. They teleport to Muir using Magik's teleport discs. They come upon a destroyed room with Wolfsbane and Moira unconscious. As Wolfsbane awakens she tells them she was attacked by Legion.

The team goes to Ullapool, Scotland. They determine that Legion is there in a bar in town. Cannonball asks who Legion is and Dani tells everyone he is Professor X's son. They decide that since Legion would not recognize Cannonball or Karma they should go into the bar. Karma is to possess Legion and Sam is to back her up. They find Legion with two women at the bar. Karma walks by and makes eye contact and she possesses him. Then, one of the girls he was with slaps her and she loses the mind control. He reacts quickly and lifts Karma off her feet. Cannonball then knocks Legion through the wall and out into the street and into a cop car. The car catches on fire and Wolfsbane and Warlock save the two policemen as the car explodes. They forget that Legion is free and he blasts them and escapes.

Later, the team awakens to Reverend Craig yelling in the street of demons and Wolfsbane confronts him and he begins to call her names and such. Cypher announces to the team that they located Legion at an oil storage plant and he may blow a tank up. Wolfsbane in an upset state due to Reverend's remarks says the whole town should get what it deserves. They then race to the plant and find Legion has changed from Jack into Cyndi, another personality. She says there is no way to stop Jack from telling her what to do and that he "forced" her to set the tank on fire. She suddenly changes back into Jack again. He tells them there is no stopping him. Magma responds by using her powers to throw rocks and smother the fire out on the tank. Sunspot attacks and keeps a tight grip on Legion. Legion threatens to slowly kill David's mind. Sunspot quickly tells Magik to teleport them to Limbo. There Magik scares Jack into his "mindlock" allowing David Haller to be left and back to normal.

Back at Muir Island, Moira and the team talk of what happened and what to do if Jack breaks free of David's mindlock again. Moira hopes that eventually, David will control his personalities and eventually override them all, leaving only his own. Along a cliff, Dani asks Wolfsbane if she is alright and she says she is but then Dani asks if Wolfsbane really meant what she said in town about the people getting what they deserve and if she would stand by and do nothing. Wolfsbane does not respond.

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