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Quote1 If we're to learn anything from Larry's death, it should be this... You want to know who I am? I'm Katherine Pryde. That's the only thing that matters. The rest are just labels. Quote2

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Synopsis for "We Were Only Foolin'"

The New Mutants go to a dance at the Salem Center High School. Larry Bodine sees Dani leave on Brightwind, and reveals to the reader he too is a mutant. Bodine, a victim of verbal bullying, is threatened that they'll call X-Factor on him as a prank by the 'popular' crowd.

Larry goes off with the New Mutants back to Xavier's for a bit but wears out his welcome by telling the new joke going around school, which is about mutants. He goes home alone to sulk. Rahne, however, trusting her instinct, follows him home and sees his light sculpture, and rushes off to tell the New Mutants. Just then, the bullies call Larry's home and tell him they called X-Factor. Afraid of X-Factor, he commits suicide.

The next morning at breakfast, Rahne is about to let everyone know he's a mutant when Magneto interrupts to let them know he committed suicide. Dani and the others talk Rahne out of killing the people who caused Larry's death. Shadowcat gives a speech at an assembly at Salem Center High School to urge people to be careful how they label others.

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