Quote1 Foolish children -- did you really hope to escape the Magus?! Quote2
-- Magus

Appearing in "My Heart for the Highlands"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Limbo Demons
  • Dougall[2], and other Scottish Knights
  • Robert the Bruce, ancient Scottish King[3]



Synopsis for "My Heart for the Highlands"

The New Mutants wake up in Limbo after Illyana transported them there after they were attacked in the Morlock Tunnels by Magus.[1] S'ym and several other demons carry off Illyana and heal her then she, in turn, heals the New Mutants. While discussing how best to deal with Magus, he attacks them in Limbo. Illyana hastily teleports the team out and they end up in ancient Scotland in time to save a group of Scottish Knights from a group of invading English Knights. When Illyana teleports one of the English to Limbo, she discovers that Magus has completely overrun it. They meet the Scottish King, Robert the Bruce, who cheers up the team as they prepare to face Magus. Illyana teleports Warlock to Limbo who reports back that Magus has left and the New Mutants head into Limbo.


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  1. At the end of the previous issue
  2. See Dougall
  3. See Robert the Bruce

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