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Appearing in "Ashes of the Soul"

Featured Character(s):

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Numerous unnamed mutant citizens (First appearance)
  • Uncanny X-Men (Referenced)
    • Professor X (Charles Xavier) (Referenced) (Deceased)
    • Rogue (First appearance; statue)
    • Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) (First appearance; statue)
    • Storm (Ororo Munroe) (First appearance; statue)
    • Wolverine (Logan) (First appearance; statue)
    • Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) (First appearance; statue)
  • New Mutants (Referenced)
    • Mirage (Dani Moonstar) (First appearance; statue) (Deceased)
    • Cannonball (Sam Guthrie) (Name only)
  • Magik (Illyana Rasputina) (Referenced)
  • Merisa, a human slave (First appearance)
  • Fedo, a human slave (First appearance)
  • Several mutant children (First appearance)
  • Power Pack (Mentioned)
  • Julie Power (Mentioned) (Deceased)
  • Black Eagle (Referenced)
  • Valkyrie (Mentioned)
  • Pied Piper (Mentioned) (Topical Reference)
  • Nazis (Only in flashback)
  • Jakob Eisenhardt (Death) (Unnamed) (Only in flashback)
  • Edie Eisenhardt (Death) (Unnamed) (Only in flashback)
  • Ruth Eisenhardt (Death) (Unnamed) (Only in flashback)
  • Several unnamed Jewish citizens (Death) (Only in flashback)
  • Charles Xavier (Referenced)
  • Hellfire Club (Referenced)
  • Hellfire Club (Mentioned)
  • Warlock (Mentioned)
  • Magus (Mentioned)
  • Alex Power (Mentioned) (Deceased)
  • Jack Power (Mentioned) (Deceased)
  • Franklin Richards (Mentioned) (Deceased)
  • Sunspot (Bobby Da Costa) (Mentioned)

Races and Species:




  • The Great War (Referenced)

Synopsis for "Ashes of the Soul"

In an alternate future, Cypher and Warlock race through Uptown, New York on a mission. They are chased by cops, named the "Arbitrators". They get to a point where they fly off the skyway they have been on and the cops lose control of their hovercraft. Warlock saves the cops and the hovercraft from hitting the ground far below. The cops tell them they must still arrest them and Warlock and Cypher take off but leave a message on the skyscrapers saying "Humans are People Too!"

Meanwhile, Mirage walks among the alternate future's X-Mansion in disguise and sees statues of past X-Men and even of the current New Mutants recognizing them as dead heroes. She wonders how long they must stay in this "future" until Magik comes to save them. Cannonball shows up and they start to get to work on their mission. Mirage is then caught by Arbitrators a little later while stealing medicine for children in Downtown, New York. She wrestles free and Cannonball picks her up. They notice cops when they enter Downtown and wonder why they are even in Downtown.

The cops enter a broken-down building and kidnap two children from their family because the parents are humans but the children are mutants. They toss them in their hovercraft to take them to Uptown. The mother tries to jump in the hovercraft after her kids and she is hit by a cop before she makes it to the car. She begins to fall to the ground. Cannonball and Mirage see this and Cannonball takes off to save her. They see a rainbow streak of light go up and save the children. Cannonball thinks this is Julie from the Power Pack and then goes after the mom. The Arbitrators take off in their car. Cannonball takes the mother home and finds that the hero was not Julie but Energizer of Power Pack, Julie's younger sister, who is now an old woman. She says Cannonball has not changed since they last met and tells him to tell her about this while they leave the safe kids with their parents. The father seems to have plotted the whole thing out and appears to have been the one to contact the Arbitrators in the first place.

Later, the Chief Arbitrator receives a report stating that some of the Arbitrators were not able to kidnap the mutant children and that they were stopped by some in the "Resistance". As pictures of the New Mutants scroll across the screen the Chief Arbitrator appears to recognize them. The reporting officer says the father of the mutant children gave up the hideout of the "Resistance". The Chief then says he will go with his subjects to oversee the capture of this resistance.

Meanwhile, the team is helping feed many children in Downtown. Energizer remembers back to this reality's past after some Great War. Mirage talks to Energizer about how most of the children they are feeding will die of starvation. While talking, Energizer introduces Mirage to the other mutants in her resistance which she names as the "New Mutant Bratpack". A mutant named Archangel and two other unnamed mutants appear and Mirage fancies Archangel. They are all suddenly attacked and Energizer tries to stop the Arbitrators while the teams try to save the children. Energizer is shot and knocked out. Warlock merges with Cypher and Cannonball is knocked out by an unknown mutant who knows all his weaknesses. Mirage and Cypher are told to surrender. They do.

In the present time, Magneto dreams of his parents' death and his burial alive by the Nazis. He wakes up sweating in the middle of the night. He mourns the New Mutants and does not believe they are dead, at this time. He fights with his own choice of whether or not to accept the invitation to join the Hellfire Club as the White King of the Lords Cardinal. He smashes a mirror since the choice is so hard for him to make.

In the alternate future, the team is prisoner to the Chief Arbitrator who turns out to be Sunspot of this reality. He is also joined by this reality's Magma. He announces to the prisoners that Magneto joined the Hellfire Club and allied them with Xavier's school. This allowed the mutants to become superior over humans and create Uptown and Downtown castes. Cannonball refuses to believe that Magneto would ever do such a thing. Sunspot asks where Warlock is and Cypher says he does not know. Warlock, at that moment, splits with Cypher and bites through the ray that held them, prisoner. The team attacks and Energizer blows a hole in the wall to escape. They all run to the exit but only Energizer manages to escape. Sunspot then tells the others that if they will not abide by the beliefs of this new society, then they will be sent to telepaths who will modify their thoughts into believing this society is a good one.


  • Magneto dreams of his origin, his parent's deaths, and being buried alive by Nazis.

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