Quote1.png Wolf was my favorite, my hero. I wanted to be like him when I grew up. I was a fool. Quote2.png
-- Sunspot

Appearing in "Heroes"

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  • Team America's motorbikes

Synopsis for "Heroes"

The New Mutants are at a carnival + bike show when the bikers get attacked by some gun-toting creeps. The New Mutants spring into action, not knowing that the bikers are themselves mutants. It turns out the bad guys are under the command of Silver Samurai, who goes to succeed where his minions have failed and captures the Dark Rider, who enigmatically appears to protect the bikers. Mysteriously, the person Silver Samurai captured is Dani - who when tested knows nothing about riding a bike. Viper decides to use Dani as a hostage to blackmail Team America into accepting a mission - and Professor X finds them using Cerebro and goes to meet them. Professor X proposes to help them accomplish the mission to buy time to summon the X-Men, but the New Mutants resolve to go after their own!

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