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Quote1 What's happening to me?!! Quote2
Cypher, as he transforms into a Warlock-like being

Appearing in "Seduced and Abandoned"

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  • New York taxi cabs

Synopsis for "Seduced and Abandoned"

We zoom out from a microchip magnified 100x to find that it is in the right eye of Cypher as he's taking a shower. He yells, "My eye!" and runs out of the shower screaming about his eye. The rest of the team gathers around the bathroom and Cannonball flies over to find out what is wrong. As Cypher touches him he uses the transmode virus to transmode Cannonball's body into a techno-organic being. The rest of the team tries to stop him and one by one they also succumb to the virus upon his touching them. He jumps out the window and finds Warlock waiting. Cypher begins to talk in Warlock's voice and asks what is happening. Warlock responds in Magus' voice that Warlock is now the Magus and Cypher has become Warlock and that according to Technarch society, the son must destroy the father. Cypher suddenly wakes up in the bathroom and realizes it was just a dream. As we zoom in on his left eye and see a circuit board at 100x magnification we cannot be so certain it was only a dream.

In Central Park, two cars parked next to each other and the passengers exchange briefcases out the window. Silver Samurai sits in one vehicle and is passed a case of money. In the other car is a man who presents himself as Van Ostamgen. He is given a statue and he believes that this will allow him onto the Hellfire Club roster and possibly even allow him to become a Lords Cardinal.

Meanwhile, Magneto and the rest of the team show up at the front entrance to the Hellfire Club. They are told by Magneto to be on their best behavior at their gala and that he has just accepted membership with them as the White King. The team is shocked but listens to their headmaster's orders. Upon entering, they see Magneto go off and talk with Sebastian Shaw and the other members. On the balcony, they find the Hellions and tell each other to keep an eye on one another.

Later, Cypher is on the dance floor alone and Tarot comes up to him and asks him to dance. He refuses and says he believes that Emma Frost put her up to this to seduce him. She goes off crying and Empath watches on. Magik grabs Empath and begins to dance with him. She tells him that she hopes he did not cause the scene between Cypher and Tarot because she would have to take him to Limbo again if he did. Empath goes white as a ghost. Thunderbird and Mirage both talk about the teams and the others. Elsewhere, Wolfsbane runs into Catseye who asks if she wants to "play" and transforms into a cat. Wolfsbane hesitates but also transforms. They chase each other around the club.

Mirage senses Wolfsbane's transformation and her and Thunderbird start to look for her. Cannonball talks to Jetstream and Magma in the main ballroom and then Gerhard Van Ostamgen walks in and announces he has a present for Selene. It is a likeness of the goddess Selene and it looks like her. Magma says it is a forgery and tells everyone that that statue has been in her family's possession for generations since it is a likeness of her grandmother. Selene grabs the statue and says they both are correct. It is a likeness of Selene and Magma's grandmother because they are one in the same. She then tells Magma that their lives and destiny are more bound than she can think of and then smashes the statue on the floor and says it is a forgery.

In another room, Cypher finds Roulette and they decide to try their hand at poker. Mirage and Thunderbird accidentally set off the club's silent alarms and are told to leave the area by guards and they do. Cypher bets a large amount of money against a hand of four nines and he wins big with a hand of a straight flush of hearts. Roulette kisses him and they grab a bottle of champagne and go running off.

Later, Wolfsbane is still chasing after Catseye and picks up on a familiar scent. She peeks in a residential room's keyhole and screams. Mirage senses her distress and tells Magik to transport her and the team to Wolfsbane. They eventually do and find Cypher in the room with three women. He is very drunk and the teams begin to bicker. Cypher realizes that Roulette used her power to allow him to win and he slaps her. Thunderbird tells him to apologize and the team continues to argue. Cannonball steps in and says they should use their energy to help find Ostamgen's swindler. Jetstream agrees and they decide to have a contest. New Mutants versus Hellions and the best team wins.


  • James Proudstar is mistakenly named John, his brother's name, by Mirage when she addresses him.

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