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Appearing in "A Bird in the Hand"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Ani-Mates - (First appearance), (Shadow only)

Other Characters:

  • Sesame Street's Big Bird - (Appears on a computer screen, TV, or hologram only)
  • McBurgers patrons and employees


Synopsis for "A Bird in the Hand"

The team studies for their exams, while Cypher and Wolfsbane try to teach Bird-Brain to speak common words. They are all still grounded since Bird-Brain freaked out in the mall. Their studying is soon interrupted by Bird-Brain's antics as he begins to try to play. As the sun goes down, Bird-Brain looks out at the moon and suddenly begins to panic. Cypher uses his language power and says that Bird-Brain is afraid of the moon and says it means "feeding time" and "tests" which included "blood". The team tries to subdue him with TV and food. He sees some food on the TV and begins to get excited again. Illyana breaks the rules and gets him a burger to tide him over.

The next morning, they all decide to try to find out where Bird-Brain came from. They show him pictures of a zoo where he gets angry and pictures of Greenland which he grabs and smiles. He then begins to repeat "many" and "burgers" and the team decides to put him in disguise and take him to a fast food restaurant. Back at the mansion, they watch TV and see a lion-tamer with a whip and Bird-Brain gets angry again and then looks up to see the moon.

The team then gets him into one of their outfits and tailor it specifically for him. He calls them friends and then they eventually get to bed. While the rest of the team is asleep, Bird-Brain looks out the window and sees the moon and breaks out. He goes to the burger stand and demands "many burgers" from the employees. They give him the food and he flies off.

The team finds him as he is flying off and they stop him. They see he has not eaten the burgers but is trying to take them somewhere. Mirage shows visions of his home island and of the evil monsters he is afraid of and then shows a vision of his "friends". The team decides to teleport over to the island to take Bird-Brain's friends the food and then teleport back before Magneto even gets home. They teleport to the island and land there. They are walking around when they begin to hear noises. Bird-Brain hisses and they find themselves surrounded by many evil-looking animals.

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