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Wolf, while calling on the Black Rider

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Synopsis for "Road Warriors!"

The New Mutants travel to San Francisco, California to confront Xi'an Coy Manh's uncle and bay area crime boss General Nguyen Ngoc Coy to obtain information on the whereabouts of Viper. Initially they try to get General Coy to talk through threats, but he calls their bluff and the young mutants do not follow through. However, Coy suggests that Manh agree to work for him for one year in exchange for information regarding the Viper and where she might be holding their friend, Danielle Moonstar.[1] Manh reluctantly agrees to his terms.

Team America is riding through the deserts of New Mexico on the way to A.I.M.'s base in Mexico to steal the Cavorite crystal for Viper in exchange for the release of Moonstar. Professor X and Lilandra have travelled to a location near the Colorado River in California via the Blackbird to coordinate the efforts of both Team America and the New Mutants. Team America arrives at the A.I.M. base at Black Mesa where Wrench and Honcho infiltrate the facility while the rest of the team waits outside. Professor X assists the pair to find the crystal, but they trigger an alarm as they open the vault. They rush to escape the fortress with the crystal as the base explodes while Xavier and Lilandra are attacked telepathically by an unknown mutant. As the group rides from the now ruined base with the stolen crystal, A.I.M. forces pursue them. Wolf transforms into the Black Rider and takes out the pursuers with his enhanced abilities. The team arrives at the Blackbird to find Xavier and Lilandra recovering from the mental attack they suffered.

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Keniuchio Harada and Viper are at their base at Big Sur, California discussing their plans. Since Harada is eager to return to Japan to take control of Clan Yashida from Mariko Yashida, Viper suggests that they go there[2] once they have retrieved the Cavorite crystal. As the New Mutants close in on Viper's base, Karma is attacked psychically by the same mysterious mutant that attacked Xavier causing her to scream, which reveals their location to Viper's troops. Cannonball takes out the forces and Sunspot brings down the generator, causing the facility to lose power. The battle allows Moonstar to escape her cell but finds that Rahne Sinclair has been seriously injured by the Silver Samurai who then attacks Moonstar but is distracted by Cannonball and Sunspot causing him to flee the scene. Elsewhere, Karma is battling to control Viper's mind when the samurai appears and retreats with Viper as their forces are defeated. As the group recovers, Manh is contacted by the mysterious telepathic mutant again, saying that he has come to claim her body and soul.

Xavier reconnects with his students telepathically and let's them know that he is on his way to meet them at Viper's base via the Blackbird. However, Harada and Viper remotely destroy their base, with the students inside.

Solicit Synopsis

The New Mutants are attending a benefit when abruptly everything happens at once-- Hydra attacks! Dani disappears! The Marauder reappears! The Silver Samurai strikes! And roaring forth comes-- Team America, with a startling revelation about that group you'll have to see to believe.



  • As Team America rode through the desert, their location is described as "Sonora Province, New Mexico." However, Sonora is a state in Mexico,[4] and the Sonoran Desert covers parts of Mexican states Sonora and Baja California as well as U.S. states California and Arizona,[5] but not New Mexico.

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