Quote1 Black Rider! Aid me! Quote2
-- Wolf, while calling on the Black Rider

Appearing in "Road Warriors!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unnamed A.I.M. soldiers
  • Unnamed Hydra soldiers and guards of Viper




Synopsis for "Road Warriors!"

The New Mutants break in on Nguyen to get information. Karma pledges her services for a year to her uncle in return for where Viper is holding Dani. Team America moves against an AIM base, retrieving a strange crystal from it. Meanwhile, the New Mutants go in to rescue Dani, when Karma has a strange telepathic conversation. Her cry of alarm causes Viper's guards to come alert, so the New Mutants trash them. Silver Samurai incapacitates Wolfsbane, and goes for a killing strike against the now escaped Psyche, when Cannonball saves her. Karma dominates Viper, but Silver Samurai comes to her aid and they flee. Elsewhere, Team America escapes pursuit by summoning the Black Rider into El Lobo. Karma has another psychic encounter, just before Silver Samurai detonates the base from afar!


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  1. revealed in New Mutants #31

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