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Quote1.png All right! Forge has become one of my demons... and I'm gonna kill him, like he killed my brother! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Demons!"

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Synopsis for "Demons!"

Magik yells at Magneto telling him that they need to do something and need to kill Forge because he "killed" Colossus. Magneto says that they are not to do anything. The other teammates agree. Magik decides to teleport to Limbo and come up with a plan and leaves. Magneto tells the others they are not to use their powers or leave the mansion for any reason and storms off. The New Mutants decide that Magik should not confront Forge alone.

At Muir Island, Shadowcat and Lockheed are watching the reports on TV about what happened to the X-Men in Dallas, TX. Then, Illyana shows up and tells Shadowcat they must attack Forge. Shadowcat disagrees and Illyana gets even more angry. She yells at Shadowcat and then teleports off.

Meanwhile, the New Mutants are getting on their costumes and Magik shows up to get her suit. The team grabs her as she teleports to Limbo and they all go there. It has gotten much more monstrous since they were there last. Magik says that as she gets more angry Limbo also becomes more dark and that she is the Darkchilde. She changes clothes and the team says they will go with her to help save Illyana from herself. She gives them their clothes. She uses her scrying glass to find Forge and then pulls out the Soulsword from Limbo. The team tells her to leave it but she is so vengeful that she does not listen. As they teleport off, S'ym says that she made a stupid mistake and does not even realize it since his power in Limbo is already getting bigger and that he plans to open a portal of his own and much bigger than the one that Forge opened in Dallas.

The team finds Forge when they teleport. Destiny is with him and Freedom Force is hiding behind a huge rock. Magik turns into her Darkchilde form and attacks Forge. Blob punches her before she strikes. The rest of Freedom Force attacks and tries to take out the New Mutants. Warlock tries to stop Avalanche and then runs into Stonewall. Spiral also joins in the fight and Sunspot goes after her and brings down a brick wall on a few of Freedom Force. Destiny says that she saw that would happen but that the members would be safe and Spiral deserved it because she needs to be humiliated.

The fighting continues and Magik finally reaches Forge. She is about to kill him with the sword and Cannonball stops her and Forge transforms into Mystique. She was him all along. The New Mutants are stopped and regain themselves while Freedom Force surveys the damage. Spiral wants to defeat the Darkchilde since Destiny says she will usher in some great conflict. Mirage shows everyone what Destiny is afraid of and they see a vision of the city being overrun by demons. As they are watching this, the real Forge appears on the top of the hill and Magik again gets even more mad and teleports her and her teammates up to the top of the hill, ready to fight. Mystique helps up Destiny and says that Magik must follow her own destiny but that the whole world hangs in the balance of what happens today at the top of that hill.

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