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Quote1 If there's trouble, I can handle it. I like trouble. Quote2
Lila Cheney

Appearing in "Promise"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



  • Spyder's ship
  • Gosamyr's ship

Synopsis for "Promise"

Sam Guthrie promises Magneto he won't use his powers at Lila's concert. Up above earth, Spyder plots and schemes to reclaim Lila Cheney, his 'property'. When Spyder is sleeping, Gosamyr runs away and sneaks aboard his ship going to retrieve Lila, but he notices. Down below, Spyder's 'accountants' crash the concert, and Sam can't use his powers because he promised. The New Mutants, with Illyana's teleporting power, arrive just in time for Lila to be nailed with a power nullifying device. The accountants get away with Lila, and Sam regrets having made the promise. Spyder decides he wants the New Mutants for their untamed emotions. And Gosamyr finds our heroes, and charms Sunspot so much he promises to help her.

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