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Hah! If that was the best you can do -- !
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It wasn't.
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Appearing in "Flying Down to Rio!"

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Synopsis for "Flying Down to Rio!"

The New Mutants have survived the explosion, but Karma is missing and the New Mutants think she's dead. Professor X thinks otherwise, but prefers to let them believe that because he sensed a malefic psychic entity. Sunspots mother shows up, and offers to take them all with her on her next anthropological trip, so they fly down to Rio to cheer up. Emmanuel da Costa arranges with Sebastian Shaw to kidnap his wife to prevent her from going on her expedition. The New Mutants go shopping in Rio with Nina da Costa, but she is suddenly kidnapped by Hellfire Club soldiers, and the New Mutants are prevented from giving chase by Axe, who beats them in a quick fight. Wolfsbane tracks them to their base, where the New Mutants overcome the Hellfire Club agents, and Roberto beats Axe one on one. After rescuing Mrs. da Costa, the expedition is on, and the New Mutants are going!

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