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Appearing in "Flying Down to Rio!"

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Synopsis for "Flying Down to Rio!"

The New Mutants are recovering at Big Sur, California after the explosion of Viper's base,[1] however Xi'an Coy Manh is missing and feared dead. Professor X has summoned members of the X-Men to assist with the search, and arranged for his students to accompany Roberto Da Costa's mother, Nina, on an archaeological dig at the Amazon River. Roberto is angry at the suggestion that they leave while their teammate is still missing and initially refuses to go, but is convinced by the other New Mutants. Unbeknownst to the students, Xavier believes that there is an unknown force behind the disappearance of Manh, and wants the young students out of harm's way in case it strikes again.

Sunspot strikes Axe

The young mutants travel with Nina to the Da Costa family home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Danielle Moonstar, Samuel Guthrie, and Rahne Sinclair are awed by the size and scale of the mansion as they arrive. Roberto's father, Emmanuel, hosts a dinner for the group at their home, but to the dismay of Roberto the mealtime discussion quickly turns into an argument between his parents regarding the preservation of the Amazon rainforest versus the exploitation of natural resources in the area. The next day, the students go with Nina into the city to enjoy the annual Carnival festival. Nina suggests that the group shop for costumes at Sal's Costume Shop so they have something to wear at the governor's ball. As the students try on various costumes inside the shop, Nina is kidnapped by soldiers of the Hellfire Club and driven away before the New Mutants can stop them. They are confronted by the mutant Axe, who subdues the students, preventing them from giving chase, however Wolfsbane is able to track the kidnappers to their hideout. The rest of the team meets her there and they use their powers to incite fear in the Hellfire Club soldiers inside causing enough confusion for the students to subdue them. Sunspot confronts and defeats Axe, freeing his mother from her captors.

After spending a few more days in Rio de Janeiro, the group prepares to accompany Nina on a flight north to the Amazon River. Unknown to the group, Emmanuel complains to Sebastian Shaw that the Hellfire Club was unable to successfully keep his wife Nina captive. Emmanuel reveals that he has his own plan to ensure her expedition does not reach its destination at Maderia.



  • The festival that the students attend is the annual Brazilian Carnival.[3]
  • As Nina Da Costa and the New Mutants are packing her plane at Santos Dumont Airport, it states that the airport is "near the base of Corcovado -- Rio's famed Sugar Loaf Peak..." However, Corcovado and Sugarloaf Mountain are separate mountains in Rio de Janeiro.[4][5]

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