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Quote1 Welcome, Darkchilde, to my infernal realm! Quote2

Appearing in "Self-Fulfilling Prophesy"

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Synopsis for "Self-Fulfilling Prophesy"

The New Mutants are captives of Spyder, until Gosamyr helps them escape. On earth, Magneto goes to the Hellfire Club, and is attacked by a fire escape, a precursor to Inferno. Somewhere in space, the New Mutants trash Spyder's minions, but Spyder has started the metamorphosis of Gosamyr's family. Battle is joined, but the metamorphosed larvae suddenly become more of a threat than any other combatants. Sam and Wolfsbane free Lila Cheney from the inhibitor helmet, and to save the world they are on, Lila teleports Gosamyr's family into the sun (or so it would appear). Ready to fight Spyder's forces, Illyana teleports them all while her power still works - only to find S'ym in control of Limbo!


  • The last frame is a lead up to Inferno.

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