Samuel Guthrie (Earth-616) from Avengers World Vol 1 21 001
Close the stepping disc, Illyana! For mercy's sake -- close it!
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Illyana Rasputina (Earth-616) from X-Men Prime Vol 2 1 001
I'm trying, Sam... but I can't! It's open and there's nothing I can do!
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Synopsis for "Limbo"

The New Mutants battle demons in Limbo. S'ym captures Illyana and takes her Soulsword, but she is able to teleport to Belasco's throne room. She describes her early life in Limbo, how she killed her versions of the X-Men in order to survive. She teleports again, and they move backward in time to see S'ym beating her as a child, and N'Astirh beating him for doing so. Teleporting again, they run into a past version of N'Astirh, who explains that he was one of Limbo's demons who mastered Belasco's spells and offers to help Illyana defeat S'ym if she embraces her Darkchilde nature and perhaps become his bride. She takes the bargain. Illyana reclaims her Soulsword and opens a portal to earth, through which the New Mutants and Limbo demons begin raining down on Times Square. N'Astirh tricked Illyana to get her to open the portal.


  • Illyana shows the team her past time in Limbo when they teleport back in time

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