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Quote1.png I'm a monster... as much a monster as N'astirh is! Worse. He's as he was created to be. I was born human. I'm going mad! Somebody, please, help me! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Demon Reign"

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Synopsis for "Demon Reign"

Continued from last issue...

Illyana, in her true Darkchilde form, shouts that N'astirh betrayed her by using her to create Limbo on Earth, but N'astirh counters that she now has all the power in the world and she can use it to rule. S'ym then arrives, claiming that his deal with N'astirh is off and that Illyana is his now. N'astirh and S'ym fight for control over Illyana, with N'astirh teleporting her away as the New Mutants watch, forgotten. They notice some people disrupting the pentagram in the sky so they decide to help.

Illyana, meanwhile, is dragged into a shop run by crazy inanimate objects, whom she declares are all monsters and need to die before realizing that she's a monster and she should be the one who dies. She tries to escape, but keeps getting pulled deeper and deeper into the madness. She winds up in a pet store filled with demonic animals that she frees, but they demand that she kills them with the Soulsword to seal her fate in innocent blood. The New Mutants find that the people helping out are the X-Terminators, whose member Wiz Kid was tricked into building a machine for N'astirh that they're trying to stop. The New Mutants decide to save the babies that are powering the pentagram while the X-Terminators stop the machine. The New Mutants manage to succeed just as an explosion occurs below, robbing N'astirh of his magic and closing the portal, stopping the demon rain. The New Mutants and the X-Terminators meet up outside of a church building with the babies, then Warlock, Sam, Roberto, Rahne, Boom-Boom, and Rictor head off to find Illyana.

S'ym defeats N'astirh, who is reborn as a techno-organic being. Illyana is thrown into a hair salon where the objects try to give her a makeover into darkness, claiming that her Darkchilde form is beautiful. Illyana fights back and breaks free, destroying a chair in the process. N'astirh arrives, claiming that the chair has bled and that Illyana is now his, but she refuses, fighting back with all her might. N'astirh tells Illyana to give into her darkness and she ultimately decides to, becoming encased in silver glowing armor and cutting N'astirh in two. N'astirh vanishes as his techno-organic body reforms, telling Illyana that he'll seem warm after S'ym's cold embrace. Illyana collapses to the ground and declares herself a monster, begging for help, as S'ym eerily watches.

Continued next issue...


  • Part of the Inferno event.

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