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Quote1 I am the Darkchilde. Shut away from life. Always on the outside, looking in. Quote2

Appearing in "The Gift"

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Synopsis for "The Gift"

Continued from last issue...

Sy'm taunts Illyana that she hasn't truly given into her darkness, which makes it easier for him to destroy her. Illyana, cloaked in her demonic silver armor, retorts that S'ym couldn't kill her as a child and he won't do so now. Sy'm argues that Illyana only lived because N'astirh protected her, but N'astirh is gone now. Illyana states that N'astirh abandoned her, hoping that S'ym would make her use her darkness to destroy him. Illyana slices S'ym up, but his techno-organic virus lets him reform, and Illyana states that giving into the darkness to end S'ym is tempting.

Dani waits at a church with Skids and Rusty of the X-Terminators, seeing death all around her with her Valkyrie powers. Warlock, Sam, Rahne, Roberto, Rictor, and Boom-Boom search for Illyana, fighting off a sentient street that tries to consume them. Illyana's brother Colossus finds a bunch of demons and demands to know where his sister is, and they explain that Illyana is no longer the ruler of Limbo and that all time flows there at once before dragging Colossus off to give to S'ym as a coronation gift. The New Mutants then find Magneto and the Hellfire Club seemingly brokering a deal with N'astirh, leading them to conclude for good that Magneto is truly evil, although they can only barely hear the conversation.

Colossus is brought before S'ym and beat up, with Illyana not really believing that it's her brother since he supposedly died. The rest of the New Mutants then arrive, with Warlock punching S'ym and pulling Illyana away from the fight. They don't get far before crashing into a pawn shop, and are followed by the brawl between Colossus and S'ym. Colossus and Illyana recognizing each other, both apalled at Illyana's form. Illyana states that she didn't want Colossus to see her like this and that she wishes she were dead, as she's dead inside already. Illyana takes herself and the New Mutants to Limbo while Colossus and S'ym fight, with S'ym trying to place the blame for Illyana's state on Colossus as he supposedly abandoned her when he died, although Colossus stalwartly refuses this statement.

In Limbo, Illyana sees everything going absolutely terribly and ultimately decides to truly assume her throne as the Darkchilde, ruler of Limbo. Rahne, however, refuses to accept this and runs off crying, followed by the other New Mutants. Rahne decides to use Limbo's stepping discs to pluck young Illyana from the timeline, preventing Illyana's future from occurring and stopping her from bringing Inferno to Earth. With the help of the other New Mutants, Rahne manages to grab young Illyana, but present Illyana arrives and slaps her younger self, blaming her inability to die on the world's current state. Rahne shouts that Illyana doesn't have to do what she's doing, that she has a choice to stop Inferno. Illyana thinks for a moment, stating that N'astirh claimed that there were no right choices in Limbo, but decides that she trusts Rahne.

Assuming ultimate power, Illyana takes everyone back to Manhattan and creates a giant stepping disc that she throws her Soulsword into, sucking all of the demons back into Limbo and reverting Manhattan back to normal. However, all that is left is Illyana's limp armor. Everyone believes that Illyana is gone, with Colossus cradling the body. Dani feels the change as all the death signs go away and she runs out to join the others, trusting Gosamyr with the babies. She arrives and comforts a sobbing Rahne until everyone hears a little girl speaking from within the armor. Colossus tears the armor open to reveal the young Illyana, safe and sound. Young Illyana embraces Colossus and Rahne, with Sam saying that the world is saved because of Illyana's sacrifice and Rahne telling young Illyana that her future stretches out ahead of her, bright and golden.

N'astirh watches the scene, disappointed in Illyana, before turning his attention to the Goblyn Queen atop the Empire State Building.


  • Part of the Inferno event.

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