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Quote1 You are young! I ask only that you remember what you have learned here. You have been so dazzled by Xavier's dream of goodness and peace... that you fail to see the world as it lies before you. But as the decade progresses, as the wars begin, you will learn that I am right. Those who fail to seize power... and quickly... will be lost. In time, some of you will return to join me freely in my conquest. Know, now, that you will be freely welcome. Quote2
Grey King

Appearing in "King of the Hill!"

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Synopsis for "King of the Hill!"

The New Mutants stand in the ruins of Xavier's Mansion, appalled by the destruction. They get attacked by an injured Sabretooth, but Sam and Roberto take him out easily. The Hellfire Club's Inner Circle then arrives, with Magneto asking the New Mutants to come with him. Roberto angrily refuses, and although Sam tells him to simmer down, Roberto speaks for all of them. The New Mutants state that they quit the school and are leaving, causing Shaw to laugh that Magneto has lost all his power now that the X-Men are dead and the New Mutants abandoned him. Magneto strikes back, claiming that he still has power, then begins fighting Shaw. Magneto declares that he was going to build an army of the X-Men, New Mutants, and Hellfire Club to fight off the incoming human genocide, but the X-Men and New Mutants were too weak. Magneto defeats Shaw and raises a vote to remove Shaw from the Inner Circle. Emma Frost and Selene agree, so Shaw runs off, declaring that he'll get his revenge. The New Mutants then leave, but Magneto declares that they'll come running back when the goings get tough. Emma tells Magneto that the New Mutants know about Amara in Nova Roma and will inevitably try to stop what Selene is doing there, weakening Selene and letting Magneto and Emma rule as partners.

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