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Quote1.png Hela is not finished with that upstart Valkyrie. By the shattered ship of nails, my revenge is just beginning. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Strange!"

Hela plots her revenge as the New Mutants return Illyana to her parents in Russia. Dani then sees death-flashes due to her Valkyrie powers and falls into a coma. The New Mutants take her back to Ship, who deduces that Dani's coma is mystical in nature and sends the New Mutants to Dr Strange. Once there, Wong answers the door, stating that Strange is dead, although he is merely pretending to be. Dani and her pegasus Brightwind then erupt into flames that start to burn Manhattan, although Dani's conscience is able to force it away. Dr Strange sends out his astral self, finding that there are three souls inside of Dani's body - her own, that of a Valkyrie, and a flaming skeleton. Dr Strange frees Dani's soul to try and stop her body, but it only lets the skeleton take over and wreak more havoc.

The New Mutants try to stop it by tying down Brightwind with a metal rod while Sam deals with Dani's body, but both are able to break free. Dr Strange tells Dani's soul that the attack is likely from Asgard and related to her status as a Valkyrie, and that only she can stop the evil skeleton by repossessing her body. Dani doesn't want to because the fire burns hotter than anything else, but after seeing Rahne almost get scorched saving a little girl, Dani decides that she can't just sit by. She repossesses her body, but still has no real control, so she uses her powers to conjure up an ice machine that stops the fire. Dr Strange comes out in a civilian disguise after magically curing everyone's wounds, and although Boom Boom sees right through it, Rahne believes that he is just an old man. He offers to help more, but the New Mutants state that it is under control and that they have to get Dani back to Ship. Meanwhile, Hela is not done with her revenge.

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