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Appearing in "Let's Make a Deal!"

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Synopsis for "Let's Make a Deal!"

Continued from the previous issue...

The New Mutants try to carry Dani - still in her ice machine - back to Ship and are trailed by Dr Strange's astral form. However, they get intercepted by Freedom Force, who are out to arrest Rusty again. The New Mutants try to explain the situation with Dani and talk their way out of having to fight, but Freedom Force isn't buying it and attacks the New Mutants. The two groups land on Liberty Island and begin to fight, with Destiny stating that dark times are coming if Rusty escapes. Blob also gives away that the government has something planned for the babies from Inferno as a way to try and convince Rusty to give up, but it doesn't work and Mystique scolds him. Skids puts up a force field to hold Rusty while the others try to get Dani home before the ice machine breaks, but they are too late and Dani breaks free. Before she can burn everything, Dr Strange sends the New Mutants - minus Rusty and Skids - to Asgard in order to try and stop Hela's evil plan.

Continued next issue...


  • Super Sabre mistakingly calls himself the Silver Sabre in this issue.

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