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Quote1.png I'm an ordinary Earth kid! I'm good at video-games...not other dimensions! Before X-Factor found me, I was doing okay! I had my time bombs! I knew what was what! I could take care of myself! Then X-Factor saves me...yeah...saves me, right...! And I join up with you guys...and suddenly it's disaster city! It stinks, you hear me, Rictor? Just leave me alone! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Asgard"

Continued from the previous issue...

The New Mutants are in Asgard with a possessed, flaming Dani, so Rahne tries to enter her wolf form to speak to Dani telepathically. However, she simply gets a psychic mindblast as Dani shouts that she is death and the New Mutants best stay out of her way while washing Rahne over with fire. Rahne is unharmed, thanks to Dani subconsciously protecting her, and Dani flies off on Brightwind. Hela is watching through her scrying glass and laments that Dani is in Asgard, as she was meant to swell Hela's army be killing people on Earth, but it doesn't matter as her plan will proceed anyways.

The New Mutants note that the sky seems different - actually due to Asgard being in the Negative Zone - but Bobby isn't too concerned considering how well their previous adventure in Asgard went. He tosses a boulder just for fun, but it breaks through the ground and some people scream from below. They go to investigate and get attacked by a swarm of angry dwarves who believe that the New Mutants are spies who discovered their attack on the nearby Valkyries' Castle. The New Mutants aren't doing so well, but Boom Boom panics and sets off a massive time bomb that crushes the dwarves, allowing the New Mutants to escape. However, Sam overhears that the dwarves are being led by Eitri, his old friend, so he makes the New Mutants surrender and demands that the dwarves tell Eitri that Sam Guthrie is there. Hela watches the New Mutants and dwarves start to form their alliance, so she orders another corrupted Valkyrie to lead a squad and kill them.

The New Mutants are taken to a cell, and nobody is particularly happy about Sam's decision, although Rahne is sure that he is a plan. Sam doesn't, though, and is just hoping that Eitri will hear of their arrival. Boom Boom is completely freaked out by the situation, and although Richter tries to comfort her, he fails, noting that Boom Boom seems even more dramatic than normal. Bobby and Warlock try to lighten the mood by juggling, but when Boom Boom throws in a time bomb, Sam panics and grabs her, making Warlock get rid of the time bomb. It was a dud, and Boom Boom feels hurt that her teammates think she would betray them. Eitri then comes in and is super happy to see Sam. He lets all of the New Mutants free and explains that the Valkyries have become possessed and are outwardly killing people. As if on queue, the dwarves and New Mutants are attacked by Hela's Valkyries.

Continued next issue...

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