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-- Psyche

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Synopsis for "The Road to... Rome?"

The New Mutants are accompanying Nina da Costa on her expedition into the Amazon. Cannonball and Psyche run into some native women armed with spears - after a quick fight most of them flee, leaving the New Mutants with a prisoner. In the process however, Cannonball reveals to the boat crew that he has mutant powers. The prisoner is perplexing, carrying arrows with contradictory markings from tribes as far as 500 miles away, and refusing to speak to Nina da Costa in any dialect or language she knows. Back in Rio, Sebastian Shaw and Emmanuel da Costa discuss why they wanted the expedition to be halted - the target area is rich in mineral deposits, and Emmanuel da Costa wants to mine it. Back on the boat, Rahne scares one of the crewman away from the captive, whom he was trying to intimidate into talking, but also reveals her powers. She and the captive (Amara) get each other's name. The same crewman kills the rest of the crew and knocks out the New Mutants, sending the boat towards a waterfall! The New Mutants rescue themselves and their captive, but lose Nina da Costa in the rushing water. They regroup to go look for her, when they are captured by Roman soldiers!

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