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Synopsis for "The Road to... Rome?"

Wolfsbane prowls in the Amazon Jungle

The New Mutants are accompanying Nina Da Costa on her archaeological expedition in the Amazon. While there, they perform an impromptu training session to hone their skills. Afterwards, they communicate with Professor Xavier who is back and his School for Gifted Youngsters training Team America. They ask if there is any news about the whereabouts of their teamate Xi'an Coy Manh, but Xavier says that they must face the reality that she may have died in the explosion.[1] The group heads to the boat that is taking them to Maderia, and Danielle Moonstar decides to swim her way over to it. However, Castro, one of the boat crew, secretly dumps garbage into the water to lure piranha to the area to attack Moonstar. She realizes the danger just in time and uses her power to divert the fish away, buying enough time for Cannonball to blast over and pull her out of the water. The pair lands on shore but are attacked by a group of native women; Moonstar fights most of them off while Guthrie takes one prisoner. Meanwhile, the rest of the team has made it on board the boat, but now that the crew have seen their power and realizes they are mutants, one of the crew members, Silvera, refuses to serve aboard with them. The captain argues with him, supported by Castro, and eventually the discussion ends and they are one their way. That evening, Nina examines the arrows found with the captured native woman and reveals that one is Jivario and another is Hovitos; both native of Peru, more than 500 miles from where they found her. And the knife found with her is of modern design, which brings up questions about where the woman is from. In the morning, the boat approaches Maderia, but below decks Rahne Sinclair finds Castro attacking the bound native woman. She chases him off, and discovers that the woman's name is Amara. As she goes topside she finds the captain has been killed with the Hovito arrow, and Castro blindsides her, knocking her out. She wakes up in a room on the boat with the rest of the team, Nina and Amara. They find that there are no crew on board, the engines have been sabotaged, and they are heading towards rapids. The boat breaks up on the rocks and the group makes their way to shore, but Roberto Da Costa loses his mother in the rapids. Sinclair rescues Amara, but the water has washed away her disguise revealing her to be light skinned and having blonde hair. The students regroup on shore, but are confronted by members of a Roman maniple and taken prisoner.

At Emmanuel Da Costa's mansion in Rio de Janeiro, he meets with Sebastian Shaw where they discuss plans to sabotage his wife's archaeological dig in Maderia so he will be able to mine the area without interference. Shaw warns Da Costa that such efforts may put his wife and son in danger, but Da Costa doesn't appear to be too concerned.

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"The Road to Rome" is where the Amazon River leads the New Mutants, accompanied by Sunspot's explorer mother.


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