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Quote1.png If you are so eager to go into Hel, mortal... then, I personally, will be most pleased to escort you there! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Curse of the Valkyries"

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  • Hela's mirror


Synopsis for "Curse of the Valkyries"

Continued from the previous issue...

The New Mutants and dwarves do their best to fight off Hela's possessed Valkyries, but Boom Boom is still feeling out of it. Richter tries to snap her out of her fright, and manages to mostly succeed. Hela orders the possessed Dani to kill the New Mutants, but her subconscious refuses, so Hela just gives her a bag of magic dust and orders her to capture everyone, as she needs Eitri alive anyways. Dani arrives at the battle and rains the dust down upon everyone, freezing their bodies in place. While Eitri is carried off, the New Mutants are thrown into a cell. Boom Boom manages to break the floor below her with one of her time bombs, and exiting the cell unfreezes her. Guards come to investigate, but Boom Boom is able to free the other New Mutants. Together, the New Mutants are able to crush the guards and don disguises to escape, with the intent to free the dwarves in the process. Instead, they find the Wolf Prince Hrimhari, Rahne's soulmate, who explains that Hela is behind everything and is planning to use her army to attack Asgard.

On Earth, Rusty and Skids are kidnapped by Freedom Force.

In order to prevent the New Mutants from escaping Asgard, Hela starts to separate the Asgardian castle of Valhalla they are in and connect it to her own realm of Hel. The New Mutants argue briefly about whether to attack Hela or escape and get help, but Sam decides that it's too risky to fight and that they need to call in Odin. Warlock takes everyone and tries to flee, but gets caught halfway through the closing gap, trapping Sam, Rahne, Roberto, and Richter inside Hela's castle, where they are confronted by a flaming Valkyrie.

Continued in the next issue...

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