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Appearing in "Faith"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • A priest several church members
  • Movie theater patrons (Only in flashback)
  • Unnamed actress and trolls (Only on screen as a static image or video record)
  • Various Olympians (Only in flashback)
  • Several New York citizens (Only in flashback)
  • Jaime Suarez (Death)
  • Unnamed victims of explosion (Only in flashback)
  • Bennie, Sidney and unnamed thieves (Only in flashback)



  • a train

Synopsis for "Faith"

Amara is talking with Empath about their religions, and Amara reveals that she knows that hers is true because she's met one of her gods, Hercules.

While still with the New Mutants, they went to see a Hercules movie, where the real Hercules starred as Hercules, although the New Mutants didn't know that. The terribleness of the movie and the New Mutants mocking it made Amara have a crisis of faith, so she prayed to her gods. Hercules then arrived to comfort her, although Amara assumed that he was just the actor and blew him off. He tried to prove that he was the real Hercules, but all of his powers were matched by that of the New Mutants. Hercules tries to return to Olympus, but Zeus keeps him on Earth to teach him humility. Hercules swears to prove that he is the real Hercules, so Amara joins him on a trip to Manhattan. The two stop a robbery, but Hercules' partying afterwards disgusts Amara. An explosion occurs in a nearby building, so Amara rushes in to save people as Magma. She manages to get a few out, but there is one last boy inside, so Hercules rushes in and saves him. However, he is critically injured from inhaling smoke, so he is taken to the hospital where he will die by morning. Hercules and Amara stay with him, with Hercules regaling tales to ease the boy into death. Once he dies, Hercules laments that he couldn't do more, stating that humans have true bravery as their heroic acts are all done with the knowledge of how flimsy they are. Amara recognizes Hercules as the real god, but Hercules asserts again that Amara is braver than he. Amara asks to be Hercules' friend, and he agrees, stating that friendship is a better gift than worship.

Empath states that while Amara may have met her gods, Empath still has faith in his, which makes his beliefs stronger. Amara questions whether Empath put the doubt she feels in her head, but asserts to herself that she still has her faith and trust in her gods.


  • Art (story pages): Shoemaker pages 1-3, 25, Williams pages 4-24.
  • The majority of this issue is told as a flashback and takes place between New Mutants #44 & #45.


  • The movie that Hercules appears in this issue is called "Prince of Power".

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