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Appearing in "The Road to Hel..."

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Synopsis for "The Road to Hel..."

Continued from the previous issue...

Warlock is trapped in Hela's teleportation sphere with Boom Boom and Hrimhari, but Boom Boom's time bombs are able to blow him out. However, this also draws the attention of Hela's flying forces, so while Boom Boom and Hrimhari argue about whether to go back in and rescue the others or flee and get the help of Odin, Warlock makes the decision for them and flees. Inside the sphere, Sam, Rahne, Rictor, and Bobby are attacked by Mist, one of Hela's corrupted Valkyries. However, she is resisting the spell and tells the New Mutants to follow her lead if they want a chance of stopping Hela. Reluctantly, the New Mutants let themselves be captured and are led into Hel past the guard-wolf, Garm. Rahne is terrified of it, so Rictor gets her to talk about something else to take her mind off of it. They end up talking about Boom Boom, and Rictor reveals that he has a crush on her and can see that her flippant exterior hides the fear she hides within. The New Mutants are left to linger at the back of the pack and are taken aside by Mist, who reveals that her fairy blood lets her resist Hela's spell and that she knows a shortcut to the heart of Hela's lair.

On Earth, Rusty and Skids are taken to a greater penitentiary where they are held by Freedom Force.

Warlock, Boom Boom, and Hrimhari make it to Asgard and try to warn Odin, but he has fallen into the Odinsleep and can't be awoken. They are then captured by guards and thrown into prison, where Boom Boom and Hrimhari bond a little. They are then approached by the children of Volstagg, who free them and send them to the great wizard Tiwaz for help, as all of Asgard's great warriors are on their own missions. Warlock takes off with Boom Boom and Hrimhari, and although they escape Hela's forces, they fly right into a net and get captured by Frost Giants. In Hela's lair, the New Mutants and Mist find Hela trying to convince Eitri to forge a sword of Uru to kill Odin. Eitri refuses, so Hela threatens his daughter. Sam intervenes, and the others reluctantly follow, getting them all captured. Eitri agrees to make the sword, which will be wielded by Dani to kill Odin in his sleep.

Continued in the next issue...

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