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Appearing in "The Sword's Edge"

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Synopsis for "The Sword's Edge"

Continued from the previous issue...

Despite having fallen off of a cliff, Sam was able to catch Rahne, Bobby, and Rictor and is keeping them aloft with his blasting powers. They are able to remain afloat until Hela leaves with her sword, allowing them to survive and remain presumably dead. Warlock, Boom Boom, and Hrimhari learn from the wizard Tiwaz that the Warriors Three are under attack by Ula and her Savage Swarm, so they go to help. They are able to rescue the Warriors Three with the distant help of Tiwaz, but learn that Ula's soldiers have been kidnapped by the Valkyries and she blames Asgard. Hrimhari is able to convince her that Hela has taken control of the Valkyries and they must work together to stop her, so Ula pledges her allegiance to Asgard in order to help stop Hela. Meanwhile, Volstagg's children find Balder the Brave and Karnilla in Nornheim, but all of Karnilla's people are stone, so Tiwaz animates them with magic so they can help fight Hela.

On Earth, Vulture receives a new pair of his wings in prison, but realizes that they were made by the Tinkerer and assumes that he stole his design. Vulture escapes to get revenge on the Tinkerer, but Rusty grabs onto his leg and follows, breaking out of prison.

Sam, Rahne, Bobby, and Rictor watch Hela's army amasses to attack Asgard, so they steal some cloaks and take the place of some of Hela's soldiers to sneak their way into the fight. Eitri laments that he had to make Hela's death sword, but notes that he also sowed her destruction into it. As the combined armies of Asgard, Karnilla, and Ula wait outside Asgard's main city, Hela's army bursts through a portal and a massive battle begins.

Continued next issue...


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