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Synopsis for "The Killing Stroke"

Continued from the previous issue...

The New Mutants fight valiantly on the side of the gods against Hela's forces, but it is not enough. In Hela's prisons, however, Eitri fashions a key and releases himself and the Einherjar so that they might rejoin the battle. Danielle Moonstar, corrupted by Hela's magic, fights her way to Odin's sleeping chamber. There she is opposed by the New Mutants, and they battle. Suddenly Eitri bursts in, and attacks the sword with his hammer, denting it.

On Earth, Rusty tries to stop Vulture from escaping, and fails. He frees Skids, and they go after him.

Back in Asgard, Danielle Moonstar stands victorious over the sleeping Odin. Sam asks Eitri what happened, and Eitri tells him the flaw on the sword is marked, it will shatter in one hit, but probably kill the person who takes that hit. As Dani swings the sword at Odin, Cannonball blasts his way towards her swing - the sword and he collide, its destruction releasing the Valkyries from Hela's hold and foiling Hela's plan. Dani comes back to her senses, and before her Cannonball lies still.

Continued in the next issue...

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