Quote1 If they want a show -- ah'll give 'em one they'll never forget!! Quote2
-- Cannonball

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  • Chariot

Synopsis for "Arena"

The New Mutants are taken to Nova Roma by Roman Legionaries and locked in a cell with Amara, who came with them. She asks them not to reveal she isn't actually one of them and relates that she is the daughter of Lucius Antonius Aquilla, first senator of Nova Roma, and her activities could bring shame and ruin to her father's political party. Psyche uses her powers to realize that Amara also fears Selene, the black priestess. The New Mutants try to escape but trigger a poison dart trap that knocks them unconscious.

The capture of the New Mutants has been noticed by Senator Aquilla, whose demonstration of this knowledge forces Lord Gallo to send them to the Arena (males) and auction blocks (females) as provided for by law. But unbeknownst to Aquilla, Castro was also captured by Gallio's forces. Gallo and Selene meet with him, and he offers to connect Gallo to his employer (by implication, Sebastian Shaw), who could provide modern armaments. The female New Mutants are bathed and dressed for the auction blocks, and given a drug. Unable to rouse them usefully that night, Amara tries to sneak out on her own, only to be captured by Selene - who recognizes her!

The next day the female New Mutants are taken to watch the Arena match - featuring Cannonball and Sunspot! Finishing off all other opposition, they start to fight each other (having also been drugged), with Wolfsbane and Psyche cheering them on. Wolfsbane, not liking who's winning, transforms into a wolf to join in. This snaps Psyche out of her drug-induced haze, and she projects Professor X's head as a psychic manifestation for the three in the arena, snapping them out of it, before hopping down to join them. Much to the New Mutants' surprise, Rahne's hair and startling transformation lead to her being declared of the same line as Gaius Julius Caesar and connected to Romulus and Remus, and the gathered Romans kneel for her!


  • Jim Shooter is credited as "Emperor".

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