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Quote1.png Look, Jube. If you don't shut up about all the things that Wolvie told you... I'll drown you in glop, I swear I will. Quote2.png
Boom-Boom, to Jubilee

Appearing in "United We Stand (X-Tinction Agenda, Pt. 5)"

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Synopsis for "United We Stand (X-Tinction Agenda, Pt. 5)"

Jubilee, Rictor and Boom-Boom manage to elude the many Magistrate patrols in Hammer Bay’s streets. Cameron Hodge and the Genegineer transform Wolfsbane into Mutate 490. Half of the rescue team (Cable, Gambit, Marvel Girl, Sunspot, Forge) try to plant explosive devices around the citadel but are discovered and kept busy in battle till Wipeout negates all their powers. Having heard the news of Rahne’s mutate bonding process, Tabitha, Ric and Jubilation also planned to attack the citadel, but they arrive just in time to witness the fate of Jean’s team. Helplessly they watch from a safe distance, but at least the can avoid re-capture.


  • Part 5 of the X-Tinction Agenda.
  • Inks (story pages): Rubinstein pages 1, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13-18, 21, Thibert pages 2-6, 9, 12, 19, 20, 22.

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