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Quote1.png You harmed me, mutants... but not nearly as I, in time, will hurt you. Quote2.png
Cameron Hodge

Appearing in "War (X-Tinction Agenda, Pt. 8)"

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Synopsis for "War (X-Tinction Agenda, Pt. 8)"

After Storm restores both Cyclops and Jean‘s powers the three together fight Cameron Hodge, but he is slowly winning; suddenly the citadel is shaken by a bomb explosion in the basement lab complex. While Hodge rushes away to safe all of his information stored there, Storm restores all the X-teams‘ powers as Cyclops reveals that the explosion was caused by a robot autobomb of Forge’s design. To ensure the secrecy of this back-up plan, Forge had willed himself into unconsciousness to avoid mindscans. The mutants split up into three squads, two try to battle Hodge, the third will search for Wolfsbane.

Downstairs Cameron Hodge checks the computer systems and find the mainframe still active, he leaves again to hunt the mutants by utilizing much of the computers sensory input like body heat signatures, and building blueprints.

Rictor, Tabitha and Jubilee followed the Genegineer through a secret tunnel into the basement lab complex where they discover Wipeout’s dead body guarded by mutate 490 (Rahne). At first Ric and Boom-Boom believe the only way to restore their powers is gone, but then Storm, Cable and the other New Mutants arrive in the labs. With lightnings Ororo is able to reverse the power-negation, but Wolfsbane can only partially be restored. In wolfen form she has free will, but in human appearance she will be the mindless mutate again.

The mixed groups of X-Men, New Mutants and X-Factor members hunt their opponent through the citadel and run into various fights with the mechanical monster during which many receive major injuries, though Hodge too is weakened. During one of these battles Hodge snaps the Genegineer‘s neck.


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