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Appearing in "The Beginning of the End, Pt. 2"

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Synopsis for "The Beginning of the End, Pt. 2"

In the Morlock sewers, Masque and Brute had a mutant called Feral in their grasp. Within moments, Feral broke free and fled as the Morlocks chased her down.

Meanwhile, Cable was meeting with James Proudstar, telling him that he had to prepare for a mutant war, which the latter dismissed. Gideon looked at Cable on the monitor and was informed that Sunspot had arrived. Gideon attempted to comfort Roberto on the death of his father and vowed to help him adjust as the new CEO of Da Costa International.

At the New Mutants’ Bunker, Cable, Domino, and Boom-Boom discussed how Rictor had left the team. Suddenly, Cannonball had entered the room, insisting that’s they searched for Rictor, which Cable refused. Cannonball and Boom-Boom decided to pursue Rictor themselves.

Meanwhile, Proudstar was going to Camp Verde, where he found it desolate, only with a Hellfire Knights mask on the ground and vowed revenge on Emma Frost. Back at the bunker, Roberto came in and told Cable that he was leaving after the death of his father. Cannonball, who watched Sunspot storm out, was angry that Cable would let the former’s best friend walk out. In the Danger Room, Boom-Boom and Domino were discussing Cable’s decisions. Back at the bunker library, Cable and Cannonball were arguing over the former’s decisions.

Cannonball said his goodbyes to Sunspot. Proudstar came in and told Cable and Domino that the Hellfire Club had wiped out his whole village and asked him if they could help fight each other’s wars. Feral was on the other side of a wall, overhearing their conversation.

Meanwhile, an unidentified figure laid down on the floor of the Danger Room.


  • The cover is "after Byrne", a homage to the cover of Uncanny X-Men #138.
  • Plot by Liefeld, script by Nicieza.
  • First appearances of Feral and Shatterstar, who will eventually join the roster of X-Force.

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