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Quote1.png The Professor used to tell me. The most important part of leading wasn't personality, tactics, or training. It was doing whatever it takes to get your team back alive. Bring them back, Sam. Every one of them. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Return of the Legion (Part 1) - We Were Many, Once"

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  • Jump-Jet

Synopsis for "Return of the Legion (Part 1) - We Were Many, Once"

Two weeks ago in Westcliffe, Colorado, Karma enters the bedroom of a little girl named Marci as she plays with a doll. Karma tells Marci that she and her friend Dani Moonstar have been looking for her. Marci tells Shan that “they like the new ones” like her. Just then, otherworldly grey creatures begin to bust through the bedroom door. Marci tells Shan they need to run.

In the present, Magik, battleworn and injured, tumbles out of a portal and lands on the grounds of the X-Men’s new HQ in Marin, California. She remarks that the X-Men are “still here” so there is still time. After a brief confrontation with Anole and Rockslide, she is escorted inside by her old teammates Cannonball and Sunspot. She tells them that Shan and Dani will be nearly dead by now.

In the brig, Magma brings a tray of food to Empath, who has been blinded by Pixie after he attacked the X-Men. Sam then calls her up to the medical bay to see Illyana.

While Beast examines Magik, the others debate whether to trust Illyana. Sam says he doesn’t even need to think about it; Sunspot and Magma agree they need to help Dani and Shan if they are in trouble. Sam goes to Cyclops to request permission to investigate Magik’s claims. Scott tells him Karma and Dani went to Colorado to check out rumors of a young mutant, but that there are no signs they are in any danger. However, Scott approves Sam’s request and requisitions uniforms and a jet for his team to use.

As they fly to Colorado, Magma asks Magik how she knows the other two are in trouble. Magik tells Amara she learned it from her, a year in the future, as Amara was gravely wounded. Illyana then says she can restore Empath’s sight, but surmises that maybe Amara prefers him helpless.

The New Mutants land in Colorado and drive into the center of the town of Westcliffe. Illyana notices a missing person flyer for a young girl named Marci and tells Amara this is the girl she tells Illyana about in the future. Illyana rushes off to check on the girl’s parents; Amara decides to go with her. Sam and Bobby enter a bar and start asking if anyone has seen Dani and Shan. Before they can get any answers, they’re attacked by the bar’s patrons with no explanation.

Sam and Bobby fight off the locals and see the bartender retreating to a locked door in the back of the building. Sam rockets into the man, busting the door down. Inside the back room, he finds Shan, unconscious and tied to a chair with a drooling comatose man on the floor in front of her.

Across town, Illyana and Amara arrive at Marci’s house. When the girl’s parents open the door, Illyana barges in and notices clues that identify this as the location Amara’s future self told her they can find Dani and Shan. Illyana hears a voice from the basement and she and Amara run downstairs. There, they find a metal box and hear Shan’s voice calling for help, saying she’s trapped inside. Marci’s mother pleads with Illyana and Amara not to take her from them.

Amara radios to Sam that they’ve found Amara, but Sam says that’s not possible. Amara insists she’s there and melts the lock off the box holding her. The door swings open, but instead of Shan, they see David Haller looking up at them. Shan speaks through him, saying that she is trapped inside Legion’s body.

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