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Appearing in "Second Coming (Chapter Seven)"

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Synopsis for "Second Coming (Chapter Seven)"

Cyclops calls Domino to bring in Vanisher before he gets taken out like Ariel and Nightcrawler were. Vanisher panics and returns to Monsanto, Portugal, only to find his three girls dead, slain by Stephen Lang and the MRD. He is barely able to escape with a few shots to the chest.

Back in Utopia, things get tense with the X-Men. Most of them are centered around Hope, until Donald Pierce distracts them all by blowing up the Blackbirds. Namor and X-23 charge in to take him apart. Losing an arm, Pierce promises that he will not live to see mutants extinct once Bastion is done with them, before Cyclops destroys him.

Meanwhile, X-Club discovers one of Bastion's towers, disguised as an oil rig. But they then discover that this tower is in fact a decoy, set to explode in six seconds.

Solicit Synopsis

“SECOND COMING”, CHAPTER SEVEN Nothing is going right for Cyclops, as he tries to prepare his army for war. The X-Men are falling apart at the seams. Schisms are forming regarding Hope and her importance while Bastion’s spy continues to terrorize them from inside their own home.


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