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Appearing in "Second Coming (Chapter Eleven)"

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Synopsis for "Second Coming (Chapter Eleven)"

Charles Xavier visits his son, David Haller, in his mindscape. He asks David to join him outside and they enter the “persona brig” - the area in David’s mind where his alternate personalities are now kept, contained and categorized in individual mental cells. Xavier tells David things are going badly out in the real world, and that they need Legion’s help.

Cyclops rallies the mutants on Utopia for the fight facing them, as waves of future Nimrod sentinels continue to come through the time portal on the Golden Gate Bridge. He tells everyone that they are all X-Men today, and that it’s time to “fight or die”.

Rogue finds Hope Summers inside, upset that Cyclops sent Cable into the future, most likely to die. Hope grabs a rifle and tells Rogue she will not hide while others fight on her behalf, so if Rogue wants to keep Hope safe, she’ll have to come with her to the front lines. Rogue smiles.

As the New Mutants battle Nimrods in the BART tunnel, Namor, Colossus, Magma, and Rockslide fight a wave on the Golden Gate Bridge. Three Nimrods grab hold of Colossus and use their combined power to break his metal arm. Suddenly, a helicopter arrives, carrying Xavier and David, who is wearing a helmet that lets him cycle through his personalities and control his and their powers. Legion enters the fray, destroying one Nimrod with a sonic beam, then melting two more with the acid vomit of another persona. Just then, X-Men reinforcements finally arrive on the bridge.

In the future, X-Force storms the Sentinel compound. Wolverine orders Cypher to stay back, but he is found by a soldier in a mech suit. Doug speaks to the mech and convinces it to eject its driver, allowing Doug to hop in. X-Force and Cypher breach the outer perimeter and debate which of the two Master Molds looming above them they should take first. Just as they decide to prioritize the one producing the Nimrods, the second Master Mold activates and stands, setting its sights on them.

Back in the present, three Nimrods have made it onto Utopia. Beast tells his wounded patients that he will hold the Nimrods off as long as he can. However, Magneto gathers his strength and tells Beast he will deal with them himself.

Solicit Synopsis

“SECOND COMING”, CHAPTER ELEVEN The X-Men are losing the battle against the Nimrods and Cyclops knows it. Desperate times call for desperate measures and no measure is more desperate than enlisting a mutant with multiple personalities, each possessing its own power. That’s right, Legion is let out of prison to fight on the X-Men’s side.

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