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Quote1.png Dani, Dani, you're going to die, Dani. Which way would you like us to kill you...for we have many. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Return of the Legion (Part 2) - Security Blankets"

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  • Noah

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Synopsis for "Return of the Legion (Part 2) - Security Blankets"

Cannonball and Sunspot have found Karma’s catatonic body tied to a chair in the back room of a bar in Westcliffe, Colorado. Across town, at the house of missing girl Marci Sabol, Magik and Magma speak to Karma, whose consciousness is trapped inside Legion. Inside David’s mind, Marci and Shan - with Marci’s doll in hand - flee from a horde of David’s alternate personalities. They barricade themselves in a room and Shan tells Illyana and Amara to get her to Emma Frost. She then helps Marci up into an attic space. Marci asks for her doll, saying that “Davey” told her to keep the doll safe. As the horde breaches the room, Shan tells Marci to hide.

Legion’s Jack Wayne personality steps forward. He tells Shan that David wants to find the “fixers” - the mutants like Dani Moonstar who have helped repair his mind in the past - to help him again, but that they can’t let that happen. Jack says they need the doll Shan is holding and tells her if she hands it over, they’ll let her live. Shan fights the crowd and gets the doll to Marci, telling her to run before the horde drags her back down.

In the real world, Shan’s eyes go white as Sam and Bobby watch helplessly. Marci, through Legion, tells Magik that Shan is with the bad ones now. Marci’s mother screams at Illyana and Amara not to take her daughter, convinced that Marci is simply a shapeshifting mutant stuck in David’s form. Her husband intervenes as Marci’s consciousness is overwhelmed by the horde. David’s alternate personalities pass the doll around, taking turns in control of Legion’s body, each giving him a new power set. Drexel uses his super strength to punch Magma across the room. The Clown then hits Magik with a sonic scream that knocks her out. As Marci’s parents approach Legion, a third personality gains control and morphs Legion’s arm into a blade that impales both husband and wife. They die in a pool of blood on the floor as Legion flies away to find Dani Moonstar.

Magik radios Cannonball and tells Sam they need to find Dani. Sam interrogates the bartender, who tells him Dani was arrested when she and Shan came to Westcliffe. Sam and Bobby leave to check out his story, but when they step out onto the sidewalk they’re faced with the full force of the local police department, guns drawn. Sam scoops Bobby up and rockets them through the crowd.

Legion enters the Westcliffe jail and blasts the receptionist aside. He calls out to Dani that he has many ways to kill her. Dani readies herself in her cell and tells him she’s got a few ways herself.

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