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I want your team to start cleaning up all of the X-Men's unfinished business. ... First priority...find X-Man. Find Nate Grey.
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And do what exactly?
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Bring him home.
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Appearing in "Unfinished Business (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Unfinished Business (Part 1)"

Wolverine leads Colossus and the New Mutants to an auto plant in San Francisco where a fragment of a Nimrod Sentinel has been located. Even though Wolverine is technically leading the mission, Dani shouts orders to the team and Wolverine quickly steps back to allow her to lead. As they fight their through the Nimrod-controlled factory, Cypher notices that their current strike force includes every current X-Man with close ties to Magik.

Back at Utopia, Cyclops confronts Magik about the risks she took in her efforts to destroy the Elder Gods. Magik is unrepentant, but notes that with the Elder Gods eliminated she will no longer have a reason to endanger the universe. Cyclops believes that she still poses a considerable threat and insists on putting her under permanent arrest. She consents, and Cyclops is relieved. Just in case of a struggle, fifteen of the strongest X-Men stand behind Magik, but their presence proves unnecessary.

Returning from successfully locating and containing the Nimrod fragment, Dani visits Karma, Face, and Cannonball in the infirmary. Karma expresses her desire to leave the team to care for Face. Cannonball insists that he needs to take a leave of absence, claiming that he is mentally a "mess" and incapable of leading a team. They kiss before she leaves to report to Cyclops.

Colossus, angry over Cyclops' decision regarding Magik, storms out of his office as Dani enters. With Magik, Karma, and Cannonball leaving the team Dani expects Cyclops to disband the New Mutants. Cyclops surprises her by promoting her to team leader and tasks her with picking up the loose ends of past X-Men missions. Her first task is to find X-Man, and bring him to Utopia.

X-Man is in Manhattan trying to find a way to leave this version of Earth when he is attacked by the Avengers. He fights off four Avengers, but as he battles Thor he begins to realize that everything he is seeing is an illusion. In reality he is hooked up to the Omega Machine in an abandoned H.A.M.M.E.R. headquarters, and that machine is being operated by his old foe, the Sugar Man.

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