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Quote1.png Ask yourself if you really want me out of this cage, Legion. You need to think about that real hard. Quote2.png
Dani Moonstar

Appearing in "Return of the Legion Part 3: Cognitive Therapy"

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Synopsis for "Return of the Legion Part 3: Cognitive Therapy"

Jack Wayne takes control of Legion's body and tracks Dani down in jail. He is unable to penetrate the bars, and before managing to find a way to kill her, Legion is knocked out by Cannonball and Sunspot. Legion quickly returns to consciousness, and Cannonball and Sunspot head out to fight him, with Cannonball deciding to leave Dani in her cell for her own safety, over her objections. Cannonball and Sunspot manage to defeat two of Legion's personalities, Sally and Hugh Davidson, before a childlike "good" personality takes control of Legion.

He explains that there are hundreds, possibly thousands of personalities because Bishop used a knife made of "David-thought" and sent them to the No-Time, where the evil personalities enslaved some of the others, like him, who is now being forced to kill Dani. He creates a stone-construct in her cell which starts choking her, but it is destroyed by Magma just in time.

Magik suggests entering Legion's mind by touching Karma in order to save her, while Magma, Cannonball, Sunspot and Dani try to stop Legion in order to bring him to Emma Frost. Cannonball tells Illyana not to kill any of Legion's personalities, since he could die if one of the personalities dies in his mind-scape, and if he dies so do Illyana and Karma. Magik threatens Jack Wayne with the soulsword, but he calls her bluff, saying he heard Cannonball forbid her from killing any of them. Magik proceeds to kill Jack Wayne and two other personalities.

Solicit Synopsis

“RETURN OF LEGION” Legion is back and has never been so dangerous. Each personality in his head has its own super power and it seems like there’s a new one every day. They’re all jockeying for position and they all want the New Mutants dead. Dani Moonstar is at the center of all of this, but what can a depowered New Mutant do against a foe who has a million ways to kill her?

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