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Quote1.png You believe yourselves immune to death? I bring you a gospel of oblivion. I bring you the Soulsword. Taste it and cease to be. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Return of the Legion (Part 4) - Invasive Surgery"

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Synopsis for "Return of the Legion (Part 4) - Invasive Surgery"

Cannonball, Magma, Sunspot, and Dani Moonstar leave the Westcliffe jail and prepare to re-engage Legion. Cannonball has called for reinforcements but the X-Men are at least 30 minutes away. He outlines battle tactics for Sunspot and Magma, but tells the depowered Dani that she’ll die if she stays. He orders her to take a car and drive out of town. Dani pushes back but Sam reiterates that it’s an order. Dani angrily drives off.

Legion watches from an alley using X-ray vision from his “Specs” personality. Inside Legion’s mind, Specs is hiding from Magik, who has killed several of the other personalities with her Soulsword. Magik strikes down yet another before the terrified horde points her to where Karma’s consciousness is being kept.

With Magik out of “earshot”, Legion confronts the New Mutants in the real world. Legion’s personalities pass around the doll that gives them control of David’s body and grants Legion access to a variety of powers. Legion uses super-speed to knock out Sunspot, then slashes his midsection with a piece of scrap metal, taking Bobby out of the fight. Magma then melts the asphalt at Legion’s feet and grabs him by the throat. Legion uses the powers of an alien personality to siphon away Magma’s heat, leaving Amara freezing cold.

Meanwhile, Magik finds Karma and Marci in a makeshift prison in Legion’s mind. She asks Marci where David Haller’s consciousness is, and the girl points to the cell next door. They free David, who is distraught that his evil personalities have taken control of him yet again. He tells them he just wanted to find someone to fix him like was done before. Marci tells Magik about the doll, “Morrie”, and its significance - David corrects her and says the doll’s name is Moira. Magik turns to the dozens of scared personalities and demands the location of the doll.

In the streets of Westcliffe, Cannonball rockets into Legion. However, Legion’s Nazi doctor persona gains control and depowers Sam with a touch and they slam into a parked car. A ragged, bearded persona takes over and Legion transforms into a wolf-like creature. Just as he is about to bite down on Cannonball’s neck, Dani Moonstar slams into Legion with a car and crashes into the side of a building. Legion’s canine form withstands the damage and rips the driver’s side door off, dragging Dani from the vehicle. Dani unsheathes a knife and stabs Legion in the arm. Legion leaps on top of Dani as she crawls away, but suddenly, Magik’s voice speaks through David. Illyana has found the doll and gained control.

Sometime later, the X-Men arrive in Westcliffe. Emma Frost wipes the minds of the town’s inhabitants, planting a memory that a days-long stomach flu ravaged the town. Madison Jeffries affixes David with a helmet that will dampen his brainwaves for the journey back to California. Cannonball thanks Dani for saving his life and attempts to apologize for sidelining her, but Dani just walks away. Sam tells Cyclops he feels like he’s failed as a leader - that one of his teammates hates him and the rest think they could have done a better job. Cyclops chuckles and welcomes Sam to his world.

Solicit Synopsis

The pulse-pounding first story-arc comes to a climactic close as Legion takes on the whole team. Can Cannonball, Sunspot, Magma and Dani Moonstar defeat a villain with dozens of super-powered multiple personalities? And all the while Karma and Magik are stuck inside Legion’s mind. Part 4 (of 4).

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