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Appearing in "Fear the Future, Part 1 of 3: Out of Season"

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Synopsis for "Fear the Future, Part 1 of 3: Out of Season"

The New Mutants are in Maine, in an abandon amusement park fighting off a horde of small demons who have somehow gotten loose. While the team physically engaging them Cypher, is trying to break the arcane spell that continues summoning then, when giant demon comes and near Dough. Enter the Defenders, who come to the rescue of the team. Quickly they take out the demonic horde and Doctor Strange teams up with Cypher, discover the reason behind the demons, a rune inscribe in wall the amusement park.

Back at the New Mutants hide out the Doctor Strange informs Dani Moonstar, that the fabric of magic is changing and the Silver Surfer adds that the cosmic threats are too, and the reason behind is something to do with mutants, The New Mutants in specific. Sunspot, however stars acting strangely just as the New Mutant's land lady shows up with food, afraid of being discovers as the New Mutants, Dani panics. However Strange saves the day casting a spell to mask their appearance; now looking as regular civilians they interact with her and after short while she leaves, Dani is thankful for Strange's spell just then Sunspot goes into a berserk rage and attacks both Iron Fist and Silver Surfer with his powers. After Iron First puts him down with one punch, he explains that someone was possessing him. The Defenders give the team an ultimatum, they have 72 hours to fix this issue.

The team travels to NY, Westchester to Jean Gray School for Higher Learning and speak to Karma about the possession of Sunspot. She denied it, saying she both busy and would never do that to her own friends, Sunspot swears by it. Karma does mention waking up with strange feeling, Nate adds that he to has felt it and Cannonball agrees that happen to him. Dani and Cannonball walks off to talk about their relationship, and how to two teams have no talked in while. When suddenly they appearance a strange time-loop and the Cannonball vanishes in flash of light screaming. Dani tries to help but she paralyzed by an time getting stuck, she runs back to the team but Karma has mysteriously vanish too.

Solicit Synopsis

“FEAR THE FUTURE” Chapter 1! • Guest-starring the Defenders! • Dr. Strange’s team protects humanity from the impossible…so what does this uber powerful group want with the New Mutants? • It begins here: the culmination of all the super smart seeds that DnA have been planting…in “Fear The Future”!

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