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Quote1.png So what you're saying is our ragtag group of X-Men marched in and took down an Omega level mutant, and that's totally badass -- and kind of hot. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Debrief"

Two H.A.M.M.E.R. drones are in pursuit of an unidentified object. As they are about to fire on the bogey, two Technarch arms reach out and make contact with the drones, which then begin to fly alongside their “newfriend”, Warlock.

Meanwhile, Scott Summers pays a visit to Dani Moonstar as she looks after her Asgardian horse, Brightwind. He offers her a teaching position at Utopia, and breaks the news that she is not on Cannonball’s proposed roster for his X-Men team. Upset, Dani storms off.

Elsewhere on the island, Dr. Kavita Rao is debriefing each of the New Mutants individually about their mission in Westcliffe. Karma’s session begins with Dr. Rao stating that Magik acted recklessly in killing five of Legion’s alternate personalities, though they’ve found that some of the personas may have already been cannibalized by others. Shan asks if Marci is OK and explains that Marci is a real person rather than just another of David’s alternates. Dr. Rao tells Shan that the X-Club is “terraforming” David’s mind to grant him better control of his psyche, and reassures Shan that Marci is in good hands.

Shan goes on to explain that as she was about to exit David’s mind, David told her Marci couldn’t come because she had nowhere to go. Shan then realized that David has shown the ability to absorb someone’s consciousness if he’s near them when they die. She says David told them that Marci had found and helped him when he returned from No-Time. However, one of his personalities had taken over and that alternate killed Marci. Dr. Rao says that in her statement, Magik said she killed this alternate. In fact, Magik gave Shan the Soulsword, which she used to kill the personality; however, Shan lies to Rao and says it was Illyana, just as Illyana's statement says.

In the science lab, David is hooked up to a machine while Rogue siphons off enough of his power to ensure his “psychic energy” remains at safe levels. Dr. Nemesis explains to the New Mutants that the machine is creating “neural pathways” allowing them to “isolate and catalogue” David’s various personalities. Inside David’s mind, hundreds of personalities are being sequestered in individual “cells” while David, Marci, and the doll Moira watch safely from a cage of their own. Cannonball mentions that Legion’s powers are now manifesting as physical mutations, suggesting David’s abilities have evolved. Nemesis reveals, to the team’s confusion, that Legion has previously exhibited the ability to “bend time”, and created an alternate reality by killing Charles Xavier. He says that they don’t remember this timeline because they won, and he is not surprised that Legion can alter his physical form. Nemesis then kicks the team out of his lab.

As they walk through the halls, the doors to the Danger Room open and reveal Dani, who turns and shouts for Sam. He approaches her and she punches him in the face, challenging him to spar. He tells her he didn’t include her on his roster because she disobeyed a direct order in Westcliffe. Dani asks Sam what he would have done if he’d been told he couldn’t help his friends when they were in danger. He agrees that he would have done the same thing, and allows Dani to join the team.

Warlock lands at the ruins of the Xavier School in Westchester. In the rubble, he finds a photo of himself and the New Mutants. He then walks to the cemetery, where he sees an empty grave at Doug Ramsey’s headstone.

Solicit Synopsis

“The Calm” WARLOCK IS BACK! Everyone’s favorite alien is back on Earth, but why? Also, see the effects that UTOPIA had on Illyana and the rest of her crew and witness the most vicious fight ever to grace the pages of NEW MUTANTS. The combatants? Cannonball and Dani Moonstar.

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