Quote1.png I'm sorry. Violence is a language...that is new to me. Quote2.png
-- Cypher

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Synopsis for "Dead Language"

In his quarters on Utopia, Charles Xavier sits in front of a monitor trying to convince Danger to let him assist in Legion’s recovery. Danger insists that even though he is David’s father, Charles has never been a particularly positive presence in his life. Xavier concedes. His mood is immediately brightened when he sees his old students, the New Mutants, standing cheerily in his doorway.

As the team visits with the Professor, they are being watched from the balcony by Cypher, who has been resurrected by Eli Bard and sent by Selene to kill Magma. As Doug watches, he deciphers all of their body language and notes Xavier’s insecurity and desire for forgiveness, Magik’s stand-offishness, and Dani Moonstar’s hopes to still be recognized as an X-man even without her mutant powers. Cypher begins to transmit a communication to Selene when a competing signal interferes with a message from his former teammate Warlock, who senses the corruption of the techno-organic virus within Doug. Doug forces a reboot and re-focuses on his mission.

Sometime later, the New Mutants return to their quarters and Magma goes into her room to change out of her uniform. She hears a voice and turns to see Doug, who asks for her help. He takes advantage of her shock and confusion and manages to catch her by surprise, hitting her across the head multiple times with a metal rod. Doug then drags Amara’s bloody, unconscious body out into the common room, presenting her to the New Mutants as “a message from Selene.”

The team quickly masters their shock and attacks Cypher in formation, but Doug reads their bodies and anticipates their moves. He knocks out each member of the team and proceeds to grab Dani by the hair. As Cypher tells her he understands every movement they could ever make against him, Dani, Cannonball, Magik, and Sunspot begin emitting indecipherable sounds that Doug is unable to interpret. Moonstar stabs him in the thigh as the rest of the team rises to their feet, under control via Karma’s psychic possession.

The difficulty Shan experiences possessing so many people simultaneously makes their movements unpredictable even to Cypher. Cannonball eventually rockets into him, landing a blow that carries them both over the balcony down to the water below. Sunspot rushes to Magma’s side and tries to call a medic but their comm links are offline. Suddenly, Warlock appears on the balcony, carrying both Cannonball and Cypher. He demands to know why the team is “hurting self/soulfriend Doug”. They try to explain that there is something wrong with Doug. Warlock says Doug is “infected with malicious code” and begins to interface with him to install an uncorrupted version of Doug from Warlock’s memory banks. However, Cypher regains consciousness and begins transmitting a virus into Warlock. Doug pummels Warlock as his old friend pleads with him to stop. Doug briefly appears to fight his corrupted programming, but his eyes glow red again and he rips Warlock’s head from his body.

Solicit Synopsis

“NECROSHA” The dead just won’t stay dead. The New Mutants’ past comes to haunt them as Necrosha hits home. Selene’s master plan busts out of the pages of X-FORCE and into NEW MUTANTS. Part 1 (of 3).


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