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Synopsis for "Trojan"

Doug Ramsey throws Warlock’s decapitated head over the balcony of the New Mutants’ quarters and into the ocean below. Sunspot tells the team that the badly injured Magma appears to be stable, but Cypher is intent on changing that. However, before he can advance on the team, the techno-organic virus rampaging through his body starts to become overwhelmed by the benevolent programming Warlock implanted in him before his death. Doug collapses to the floor in pain as his body fights itself and he is overwhelmed with memories from his life and his death protecting Wolfsbane.

As the New Mutants look on unsure of what to do, a demonic figure materializes and stands over Cypher. The “devil” tells Doug he should have stayed away from Warlock. Dani Moonstar asks the demon if he brought Doug back to life, but the appearance of the Hellions on the balcony reveals the figure to be one of Tarot’s constructs. As they try to enter the room, Moonstar throws her knife at the door’s emergency controls, causing the protocols to activate. The metal door slams shut, cutting off the Hellions’ entrance and bisecting Jetstream in the process. The devil construct remains in the room, but is destroyed by Magik and her Soulsword.

Karma approaches the top half of Jetstream to ensure he is dead, but he is being kept alive by the techno-organic virus that resurrected him. He lunges across Shan and grabs hold of Cypher, who is still incapacitated by his dueling programming. As the rest of the Hellions begin to burst through the emergency door, Utopia’s comm link comes back online. Cyclops begins to brief Cannonball on the situation and Sam says his team is on the move. Magik prepares to teleport the team away, but Sam hesitates when Doug calls out for help. They elect to leave Doug behind. Magik teleports them to the exterior of the compound, where they find themselves in the middle of a battle.

Suddenly, Colossus slams into the ground nearby. He tells his sister to get behind him as Stonewall charges towards them. Sunspot is able to knock Stonewall’s leg out from under him, allowing Colossus to land a crushing blow that knocks him out. Colossus tells Magik to find Cyclops, then runs back to the fight.

Sunspot tells Magik to teleport them to the infirmary to get Magma help, but Illyana doesn’t know where it is located so can’t teleport to it. Cannonball orders Moonstar to accompany Sunspot on foot to the infirmary; he, Magik, and Karma are going to go after Cypher. Sam says if the Hellions want Doug, he wants him more.

Meanwhile, Doug continues to struggle against the Hellions and his programming reboot. At the bottom of the ocean outside, Warlock’s disembodied head shows signs of life.

Solicit Synopsis

The massive event tying X-FORCE, X-MEN LEGACY and NEW MUTANTS together continues! Doug Ramsey isn’t the only one back from the grave as the New Mutants’ old enemies the Hellions come calling. Old grudges (and enemies, for that matter) don’t die easy. Part 2 (of 3)

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