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Synopsis for "Necrosha"

Warlock’s disembodied head uses its bond with a crab to emerge from the water onto the shore of Utopia and slowly begins to rebuild its body.

Inside the compound, Sunspot and Dani Moonstar are rushing the injured Magma to the medical bay when they hear a howl. Feral bounds down the hallway towards them. Moonstar yells for Sunspot to keep going and tries to close off Feral’s path, but hits the controls for the wrong door. Feral gets past Dani and lunges for Magma, but Sunspot tackles her and winds up ripping her arm - turned cybernetic due to the techno-organic virus that resurrected her - from its socket. Moonstar grabs the arm and yells for Feral to fetch, then tosses it out a window; Feral follows, plummeting to the ground below.

They burst into the med bay and lay Magma on a bed. Dr. Nemesis injects her with a serum that “excites” active X-genes. It causes her powers to flare, allowing her molten hot skin to seal her wounds.

Doug Ramsey has been beaten badly by the Hellions in an effort to “reboot” his programming and purge Warlock’s benevolent code. The Hellions taunt Doug as the techno-organic virus works to put his body together again. Suddenly, Roulette begins to fight against her programming thanks to Karma’s psychic influence, who has arrived on the roof along with Magik and Cannonball. Shan loses her grip on Roulette but it proves to be enough to distract the Hellions from Cypher.

The New Mutants and the Hellions begin to fight. As Karma and Cannonball fight Jetstream, Beef, and Bevatron, one of Roulette’s bad luck discs causes Magik to fall off the building. She lands on the rocks by the water, where she sees Warlock crawling towards her. Warlock is succumbing to the T/O virus’ corruption, but Magik pierces his eye with the Soulsword and cleanses him of the “malicious code”.

The Hellions have gotten the better of Cannonball and Karma and are about to kill Cypher when Warlock appears. In the sky behind him are the two H.A.M.M.E.R. drones he bonded with on his way to Westchester, which are both ready to protect their self/father. They dive at the roof as Magik teleports her teammates, Cypher, and Warlock away, and the Hellions are caught and killed in the ensuing explosion.

Warlock asks Magik for the Soulsword. He takes the weapon and infuses it with himself, then plunges it into Doug’s chest. The malicious code retreats from Cypher’s body, and Doug returns to his old self, fully in control.

Solicit Synopsis

The New Mutants’ part in NECROSHA comes to a close here! It’s Doug Ramsey and the Hellions vs. Sam and his crew and it ain’t looking good for our friends in the yellow and black. Part 3 (of 3)

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