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Quote1.png We're family, Doug. We always have been. So believe me when I tell you this... If you raise that sword to fight someone on Otherworld... It'll be the last thing you ever do. And there is not a damn thing you can do to stop it. Quote2.png

Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 07"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 07"

While waiting for the other champions to find their swords and assemble ahead of the coming tournament, Magik calls Cyclops and Cable. Having identified Cable as one of the champions, she tells him to get back to Krakoa and prepare for the coming battle. She and Cyclops also agree to make plans for the coming conflict, just in case.

Meanwhile, Cypher speaks to Warlock about his worries for the coming tournament. Magik comes to find him, and in a duel, makes short work of him. During a Quiet Council meeting, Cypher and Krakoa begin to argue. Krakoa wishes Cypher to ask if someone can take his place in the tournament, while Cypher is both worried that Sinister's plan to steal Arakko's swords and avert the tournament will fail, and adamant that if the tournament happens, he cannot have another mutant risk their life and permanent death in his place.

Cypher and Magik continue to spar, but Cypher remains a novice. Magik warns him that their foes defeated Apocalypse far easier than the X-Men ever have, and tells him that once the battle begins he should stay close to her, and she will do what she can to protect him. After she leaves, Exodus emerges from the shadows, and offers another solution; he begins telekinetically choking him and suggests that if Cypher is killed and cannot be resurrected before the tournament, the Council will be forced to send another, more capable fighter, in his place. Cypher, Warlock and Krakoa tell him to stop, and he leaves Cypher to think about his words.

As Cypher continues to ignore Krakoa's pleas, it speaks to him through Mondo and offers to send him into exile within it in order to protect him. Cypher refuses once more, telling it that he cannot allow another to risk their life for him, and that Krakoa needs to trust him. He continues sparring with Magik, and shows some improvement, now becoming capable of understanding that Magik has been holding back. When he presses her on this, she tells him the truth; that if he is forced to raise his sword in battle on Otherworld, he will die. Knowing this, Cypher still refuses to flee, and joins the other champions in preparing for the battle.

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Diligence. Discipline. A sword of the self.

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