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New Salem is a hidden mystical city located in Colorado, in the United States of America. It is home to Witches, Warlocks, Wizards and various other mystical creatures. It can only be accessed by beings that wield Magic.

17th Century

Centuries ago many practitioners of magic called "witches" and "warlocks" were persecuted. The most infamous series of witchcraft trials and executions took place in Salem, Massachusetts. Shortly after this, some "witches" decided to form their own isolated community in an unsettled portion of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Determined not to forget their persecution they named their town New Salem. The people of New Salem vowed never to involve themselves with the rest of humanity. By the law of the town, any association with the outside world was punishable by death.

Modern Era

Agatha Harkness the most powerful sorceress in New Salem became the leader, but for unknown reasons, she left the town and went to live among what the New Salemites now refer to as "mortals" or average people. After she left her son Nicholas Scratch became the leader of the community. Agatha Harkness was eventually hired by the Fantastic Four to take care of their son Franklin Richards. Nicholas Scratch convinced his fellow citizens that Agatha had revealed their existence to the outside world and that she should be brought back and killed. Agatha hoped to use Franklin's power to stop this, but they were dormant and both were captured by the witches of New Salem. The Fantastic Four went to find Franklin and were attacked by a robot the New Salemites sent to erase any evidence of Agatha Harkness.

After defeating the robot Mr. Fantastic analyzed the metal from an egg-shaped object the robot came out of and determined the ore came from a certain part on the Colorado Rockies. Flying to this area they discovered a small town they then entered using a car. They investigated the town finding nothing and they were going to leave when Agatha was able to signal them. The citizens tried to capture the Fantastic Four, but after some fighting, it was determined that Agatha had not revealed New Salem's secrets to the world and it was only in trying to capture her that lead the Fantastic Four to them. Blaming Nicholas Scratch the New Salemites banished him to another dimension.

Sometime later Harkness, Franklin and the Fantastic Four were visiting New Salem when Nicholas Scratch took control of the New Salemites from the dimension he was exiled in. Scratch's children the Salem's Seven were able to overcome the Fantastic Four, but before they could bring Scratch back to Earth Franklin broke his hold over the people of New Salem and he was defeated.

Later somehow the leader of the Salem's Seven, Vertigo, managed to turn the entire population of New Salem against Agatha Harkness. The town made Vertigo high priestess of the community and she along with the other members of Salem's Seven was able to capture Harkness and burn her at the stake. Harkness' spirit was able to contact the Scarlet Witch and she with her husband the Vision came to New Salem. A battle ensued and Vertigo absorbed the combined power of all the residents of New Salem. While fighting the Vision she lost control and ended up destroying New Salem and all its residents, but the Scarlet Witch was able to channel enough of the power to save herself and Vision.


Agatha Harkness, Nicholas Scratch, Salem's Seven


It is possible that also Aaron the Sorcerer came from New Salem.


The city’s population of 666 may be a reference to the Biblical number of the beast.

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