Quote1.png We're going to need a lot more......if we plan to take on the T-bolts! Quote2.png
-- Abe Jenkins

Appearing in "Part One: Does anyone remember the Squadron Sinister?"

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Synopsis for "Part One: Does anyone remember the Squadron Sinister?"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

  • So what do you do after kicking the crap out of the New Avengers? Songbird has to face some tough decisions when the T-Bolts’ new “handlers” demand that her team jump through ever-nastier hoops.
  • Meanwhile, what’s the deal with MACH IV and Blizzard’s new team? Where has Swordsman been hiding since the Purple Man went down? And what does Joystick do when she’s recruited by the greatest game-player in the entire universe?

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