Quote1.png Whatever those plans might be, Baron......they end this day! The Thunderbolts are under the protection of-- --the Swordsman! Quote2.png
-- Swordsman

Appearing in "Part Three: Heavy Burdens"

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Synopsis for "Part Three: Heavy Burdens"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

  • After last month's explosive conclusion, the United Nations building is going to collapse -- unless the new Thunderbolts trapped inside are willing to risk their lives to stop it. Does this new team have the backbone to support the hopes and dreams of an entire city?
  • Guest-starring Spider-Man, who knows a thing or two about heavy burdens! Meanwhile, Fathom 5 strikes again! Baron Strucker gets the point! Our final team member makes a radioactive entrance! And we debut the All-New... no, that would be telling...


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