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Quote1.png Why risk your standing in this organization and your potential to help your society for a vacuous evening of alcohol and lechery? Quote2.png
Radioactive Man

Appearing in "Part Four: Sword and Claw"

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Synopsis for "Part Four: Sword and Claw"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

  • Wolverine scours New York City in search of Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker! Is this related to the dynamic debut of the new Sw– ... wait, that’s a secret!
  • Here’s what we can tell you. The New Thunderbolts are caught in the middle of a HYDRA civil war and one of them is trying to hide complicity in a murder. Another is trying to see Joystick naked.
  • And all of them are keeping their distance from the team's newest member – Radioactive Man! I mean, dude, if the skirt and glowing green skin weren't a bit of a scare, the name sure is...

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