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Appearing in "Dark Sides"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • En-Rage-d (First appearance)
  • Blackball (Death)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Dark Sides"

Speedball picks up pizza for the heroes gathered at Four Freedoms Plaza. He encounters Rage battling a doppelganger. Speedball attacks the original by mistake. Rage follows his doppelganger to a rooftop. They charge towards each other, but Rage ends up absorbing the double.

At Four Freedoms Plaza, Nova informs his teammates that he's been chosen to join the expeditionary force against Thanos.

Speedball returns to his hometown, Springdale. He discovers various houses wrecked and on fire. A squad of police officers, including Speedball's dad, accuse him of causing the damage and shoot at him. Speedball explains it was actually his doppelganger, then realizes his mom is in danger.

Rage attacks a group of thieves. He becomes distressed by his level of violence and anger.

Blackball corners Maddie Baldwin in her home. Speedball arrives, fights his doppelganger, and destroys it. His father finds them, and learns Speedball's dual identity for the first time.

Rage and Speedball reconvene on a rooftop and discuss their day.



  • A family appearing in Springdale, Connecticut, is a pink-skinned version of The Simpsons from the TV series. "Homer" claims that Dark Speedball had negatively affected his family.

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