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Quote1.png It's a special feeling, isn't it? Behind the mask of liberal respectability, with its safe opinions, we all hate the mutations. Don't we? How can it be murder when they're germs or vermin? Quote2.png
Cassandra Nova to Donald Trask

Appearing in "E is for Extinction (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "E is for Extinction (Part 2)"

From the hidden Ecuadorian Master Mold factory unit, Donald Trask (inspired by the radical ideas of Cassandra Nova) instructs the giant Wild Sentinels to commit mass mutant genocide. Cyclops, Wolverine and the innocent civilian Ugly John fly above the factory on-board the X-Wing. They are then attacked by various miniature Sentinels and are soon brought forth to Cassandra Nova.

Inside the factory, Cassandra kills Donald after assimilating his DNA sequence; now able to command his Wild Sentinels. She then imposes Ugly John with an agonizing death, before Wolverine and Cyclops can release themselves. In turn, the two X-Men capture Cassandra Nova. Cyclops humanely kills Ugly John with his optic blast to spare him further suffering.

At that moment, Emma Frost commences her telepathic lesson in Genosha (that includes the precognitive Negasonic Teenage Warhead.) The teenager's nightmare finally comes into conception as enormous Wild Sentinels arrive to bring slaughter and destruction to the mutant sanctuary. Meanwhile, at the Xavier Mansion, the Professor cuts short his recovery to locate the missing X-Men. Once Cerebra is activated, Xavier, Jean and Beast witness the horrific massacre of more than sixteen million mutants.


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