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Quote1 Imagine the responsibility of all that destructive potential. The power to crack the firmament and extinguish suns... Imagine that in the wrong hands. Quote2
Cassandra Nova possessing Professor Xavier's mind

Appearing in "Danger Rooms"

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Synopsis for "Danger Rooms"

Since the Professor's coming out as a mutant on global television, anti-mutant protests are being held at the front gates of the Institute. Despite this commotion, the school has never been more lively; with numerous new students joining the establishment. One such mutant is Barnell Bohusk, who is introduced to his peers as "the Beak." Meanwhile, Phoenix finds Wolverine meditating in the near forest and discloses to him, her conjugal difficulties. He responds with the belief that she and Scott have always belonged together. Elsewhere, Cyclops and Emma Frost await the landing of Lilandra's spaceship; coming to take the Professor on a Shi'ar vacation to the Empire Throneworld.

Before Xavier's departure, Beast travels with him to the subbasement and observes a virtual model of the incapacitated Cassandra Nova. When Beast discovers that she shares the same genetic material with Charles, Cassandra reveals herself to be inhabiting the body of her "genetic twin." She then telepathically subdues Hank, before compelling the hidden Beak to ferociously beat the X-Man with his titanium baseball bat. Afterward, Xavier/Cassandra calmly rejoins the X-Men in welcoming Lilandra and her Imperial Guard to Earth.


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